“I’ve been waiting over two years to say this…”: Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Developer Throws Down the Gauntlet in a Pretty Big Way After Official Reveal

There seems to be a lot of confidence surrounding the upcoming Black Ops title.

David Mason and Call of Duty Black Ops 4


  • The next Black Ops installment has been officially revealed, and things are finally looking up for Call of Duty.
  • Developed by Treyarch, the Black Ops sub-series is considered to have some of the best titles in the franchise.
  • It has the potential to be the greatest Black Ops experience of all time, according to one confident developer.
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The excitement levels around Call of Duty have reemerged with the teasers for the next Black Ops. There hasn’t been this kind of hype associated with the first-person shooter series for years, especially due to the latest Modern Warfare 3 scenario, but it feels like things may finally go on an upward spiral from here on.


Even when the title was speculated to be called Black Ops Gulf War, all the rumors surrounding the game suggested that it may be the best entry that the franchise has had in years, and that may very well be the case, according to one developer.

A Call of Duty Developer Has a Lot of Faith in the Next Black Ops Installment

The Call of Duty franchise has enjoyed some extraordinary highs thanks to the Black Ops sub-series.
The Call of Duty franchise has enjoyed some extraordinary highs thanks to the Black Ops sub-series.

It did not take long for Activision and Treyarch to officially confirm the existence of the upcoming Black Ops installment after the fans took it upon themselves to look into a brand new website that teased the next Call of Duty.


More details will be shared at Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase in June, but since the cat is already out of the bag, the developers who have been working on the game are finally able to discuss some basic elements, including talking about how great the title is truly going to be. One such developer, who has been associated with the Black Ops development studio for more than a decade, made quite a huge claim that sets extraordinary expectations for the upcoming game.

Andy Yoon, who has worked on Call of Duty since the top-tier Black Ops 2 days, has the utmost confidence in the next installment, as he has “been waiting over two years to say” something that not many fans may have expected from the franchise, given its current condition.


According to Yoon, Black Ops 6 is going to “be the best Black Ops game ever” made, and considering how the franchise has enjoyed massive peaks thanks to some of the earlier titles in the sub-series, the bold claim simply adds to the already high anticipation levels that the community has for it.

It remains to be seen whether the final product backs up the developer’s statement when it launches, but reaching the heights of Black Ops 2 or even 3 has not felt possible for Call of Duty in a long while.

The Anticipation Grows as a Black Ops 6 Playtester Shares Similar Sentiments

The franchise could actually get back on track and relive its greatest era with the upcoming Black Ops title.
The franchise could actually get back on track and relive its greatest era with the upcoming Black Ops title.

Shortly after the developer’s showcase of confidence, a Zombies game designer from Treyarch revealed that they have been playtesting the upcoming title for two years.


The playtester called nico also let the community know that it is definitely not prepared for what is about to hit the Call of Duty franchise.

Of course, until the fanbase gets to see Black Ops 6 in action for itself, there is bound to be a bit of skepticism, especially because the Modern Warfare side of things is not really going too well.


Do you think Black Ops 6 has the potential to live up to the classics that have come before it? Let us know in the comments!


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