“Call of Duty Champs is gonna be insane”: Online Beefs for eSports Gamers Is Nothing New, but This Is Another Level of Keyboard Warrior

The social media storm increases hype ahead of the tournament.

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  • The Call of Duty 2024 League Championship is yet to have a date and location confirmed.
  • However, ahead of this upcoming tournament, a war of words has erupted between two bitter rivals.
  • On social media, the professional players have traded various insults, which increases the hype ahead of the Championship.
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The Call of Duty Championship is an annual tournament that sees the gaming world’s elite compete to take home a substantial amount of money but, more importantly, the bragging rights of being one of the greatest players in the gaming world. A title that is priceless for many.


In the run-up to this year’s upcoming event, it appears that some professional players have a little incentive to get one over the other. There is always a certain level of competitiveness with these tournaments, but judging by comments seen online, bad blood may just have ramped this competitiveness up exponentially.

Call of Duty Twitter Trash Talking

Call of Duty
Social media site X was the latest battleground for some Call of Duty professional players.

Ahead of the Call of Duty League Championship, which is still to have a date and location confirmed, a war of words has erupted on social media involving gamers Drazah and Scrappy. The former allegedly confronted the other’s partner in the hotel lobby, and a war of words ensued.


Interviewer Jake Lucky has described the relationship between the two as the ‘biggest beef in Call of Duty.‘ Looking at these two, it doesn’t seem like they could fight their way out of a wet paper bag, which makes this exchange of words even funnier. One thing is for sure: there will be no love lost at the upcoming Championship.

The comments that followed from fans on social media echoed this sentiment, indeed emphasizing that they were all bark and no bite. Many fans were quick to point out that Jake appeared to be behind in the posting of this, which was nearly 12 hours after the fact.


Is the Call of Duty Tournament Intentionally Hyped?

Call of Duty
Who will come out with the bragging rights, Drazah or Scrappy?

Call of Duty creators have always been quick to voice opinions, and it is no surprise that we see various chest-puffing comments on social media. However, these comments from Drazah and Scrappy are ridiculous and may just be a genius way to hype up the upcoming tournament.

What better way to get people talking and increase the number of people wanting to check it out than by creating a media storm? We’re not suggesting this is the case and that this was all cooked up to raise the profile of the Call of Duty eSports tournament, the ‘beef‘ between the two stemming some way back, but this would certainly provide free PR for the Championship.

In a time where there are more important things going on in the world around us, it is quite hilarious to see this level of trash-talking about an eSports tournament. Keyboard warriors are always quick to talk a good game, but when it comes to the actual tournament, it will be interesting to see who holds the bragging rights at the end.


What are your thoughts on the latest news for Call of Duty? Are you looking forward to the upcoming tournament? Get in touch, leave us a comment, and let us know what you think.


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