“This looks like s**t”: Call of Duty’s Fallout Collab Goes Down a Stinker and Adds to the Long List of Failed and Boring Warzone Collaborations

Some fans are losing track of how many times one studio has angered the player base.

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  • Leaked Fallout collaboration skins for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone face major backlash.
  • Fans criticize the design, calling the collaboration a missed opportunity to present something better.
  • Past controversies with Activision's skins raise concerns about potential pay-to-win bonuses.
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Call of Duty is no stranger to controversies, and there’s a new one that has grappled with players as of late. The highly anticipated Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone collaboration with Fallout is not so anticipated anymore after skins from the event leaked and were met with disapproving eyes.


People who like the skins seem to be in the minority, and Activision might be in the trenches once these are officially released.

Call of Duty Fans Do Not Approve of the Leaked Collaboration Skins

Call of Duty's controversy of the day is around leaked skins that fans would refund if they could.
Call of Duty‘s controversy of the day revolves around leaked skins that fans would refund if they could.

It seems like Activision is in the news for a new controversy every other day. After the controversial ‘spoon feed features’ that people were upset about, the latest hubbub circles around the new leaked skins with Fallout‘s vault dwellers that people are less than happy to see.


CharlieIntel shared leaked screenshots of the new collaboration skins with Fallout for Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone that are yet to be announced officially.

The prospect of Bethesda’s IP collaborating with such a popular Activision franchise might have been exciting at first, but the leaks have backfired and the hype has taken a huge hit. To many, the skins are a complete mess, and people are upset.


One user on X/Twitter asked how Activision could “fumble” a collaboration of this magnitude “so badly,” insulting the look of the skins.

People in the replies agreed, saying the company could’ve gone for Walton Goggins, armor, or anything else from the franchise’s universe, really.


Whether it was in jest or with intention, some users even called for the designers of the skin to be fired from the team. These were just a few of the many bad reactions that people had toward the skins.

Call of Duty and Skin Controversies Go Hand-In-Hand

Activision is no newbie when it comes to releasing controversial cosmetics.
Activision is no newbie when it comes to releasing controversial cosmetics.

While the appeal of the skins is debatable, it would be an even more controversial move if Activision added some bonuses that turned them from simple cosmetics to must-have, pay-to-win ones.


This wouldn’t be the first time the company pulled off something like that, either. Last month, the company released Serial Killer-themed operator skins that had a controversial bonus that gave players double XP bonuses.

To make matters even more convoluted, if everyone in the party equipped a skin from the set, the whole party would get added Double Battlepass XP.

Many people were upset; to maximize XP gains, your whole group of friends would need to splurge on the cosmetic set. If you were trying to team up with randoms, there’s a chance that having a skin from the set could decide whether someone will kick you from the party immediately or not.


What is your opinion on the skins? Do you think Activision will release them with any set bonuses? Let us know in the comments below!


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