Call of Duty League Players Done With Nostalgia, Dub Classic Map ‘worst of all time’

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Call of Duty League Players Done With Nostalgia, Dub Classic Map 'worst of all time'


  • As a Hardpoint map, Terminal has upset many players.
  • Competitive gamers would like a replacement instead.
  • Terminal has a rich history in the franchise.
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Multiplayer maps in Call of Duty games are often points of nostalgia and adrenaline-filled gameplay. Modern Warfare 3 is no different, and quite a few maps actually belong to older games. While most of the community appreciates many of these maps, there are a few that are giving players a slow burn and disappointment seems to be rising.


In a recent post on Reddit, the game’s player base has been discussing Terminal, a beloved map first featured in 2009. As nostalgic and strategic as the map may seem, players have had enough. Demands for a new map in rotation and overhauls are rampant, and suggestions for newer maps are already in the mix.

Players Are Not Happy With Terminal Being An Active Part of Modern Warfare 3’s Multiplayer

Call of Duty Terminal
Iconic and instantly recognizable, Terminal has been featured in multiple games in the franchise.

The subreddit belonging to fans of Modern Warfare 3’s competitive scene often discusses ongoing map rotations and gameplay updates. In a recent post by Redditor, Longjumping_Joke_719, Terminal seems to be a map that’s in question:


I genuinely don’t want to play that map, it’s easily one of the worst hardpoint maps of all time

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Hardpoint is one of the most popular game modes in the title’s competitive playlist. In every match, two teams try to hold down a position in order to earn points. As you may have guessed, things get chaotic pretty quickly and map strategies become an important part of the learning curve. 

Unfortunately, Terminal just isn’t cutting it anymore for players. The post’s comment section goes on about the many issues gamers have been facing. The top comment makes an assumption that Greece (another powerful map) will replace it. Another Redditor claims that the map is unplayable in Hardpoint because of how absurdly placed spawn points can be.

Regardless of actual reasons players may have come up with, much of the fun factor often lies in how players feel when experiencing their favorite maps. At the time of writing, Terminal simply doesn’t feel like an enjoyable map in Hardpoint.


Moreover, the community is clearly upset with the map holding such a priority in the competitive playlist. Whether or not the devs do something about it is a thing of the future. For now, Modern Warfare 3 players will have to stick to Terminal being a Hardpoint map. 

Terminal Holds a Significant Place in Call of Duty History

Terminal map layout
The map’s layout allows for multiple playstyles. However, Hardpoint makes it particularly difficult for players to enjoy the location.

Despite the map’s poor reputation as a Hardpoint location, Terminal is a classic map that was first popularised in Modern Warfare 2. The map holds a powerful place in many player’s memories, and developers have often spoken about the map as a crucial location in other games.

Speaking of older games in the franchise, here’s how the description reads in Infinite Warfare


Re-imagined version of the classic MW2 map located on the moon. Control the power positions for fierce encounters.

Based on the context of the game, the map has seen its fair share of changes throughout the years. It also became a location of multiple controversies, as the famous map was featured in the mission, ‘No Russian’. This was an operation where players go on a rampage inside an airport. 

Terminal’s level design is perfect for close to medium-range combat. Naturally, players tend to do well when using weapons belonging to that category. The hallways, pieces of baggage, and other objects often found in real-life airports, make for a tightly packed design.

Hence, players need to be extra careful about peaking through corridors and turns. These choke points make for excellent sniping positions, dare you take up that challenge. 


Outside the competitive scene, the map makes for extremely versatile playstyles where gamers can try whatever loadout they are comfortable with. However, certain modes like Hardpoint may limit movement due to the spawn locations and how players plan on holding down areas. 

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