Call of Duty Live Action Series Reportedly Confirmed Following Rumored Henry Cavill Casting: Leaked Images Show Taskforce 141 Back in Action?

Call of Duty Live Action Series Reportedly Confirmed Following Rumored Henry Cavill Casting: Leaked Images Show Taskforce 141 Back in Action?

Some games have the potential to tell stories through their gameplay just like TV shows and movies and with the success of shows such as The Witcher and The Last of Us, and with Prime Video adapting the God of War franchise, gamers think that it is now high-time that they get a Call of Duty live-action series. After all this time, it seems like the famous franchise is gearing up toward getting a live-action series and the first few pictures have surfaced online that suggest Call of Duty is finally coming to TV screens.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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Call of Duty Live-Action Series is Reportedly in the Works

Some rumors suggesting that Henry Cavill is cast for a live-action COD movie surfaced online. Now, a YouTuber Capo Del Mondo posted a video on YouTube, claiming that the series is currently in the works. They shared pictures from the Call of Duty series which apparently focuses on Task Force 141 in Modern Warfare and the YouTuber suggested that the directors and production studios who have worked with Prime Video in the past are part of the project.

Fandomwire Video

Call of Duty

The series will reportedly bring many of the iconic characters from the Call of Duty franchise such as Simon “Ghost” Riley, Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson, and Captain John Price. But, it looks like the project will just be a mini-series with episodes of only 15 minutes, whereas The Last of Us episodes were close to an hour. Considering that the series hasn’t been announced officially yet, it could be that the pictures in the video are from a fan-made series instead of a project backed by a big production.

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Why Isn’t There A Call of Duty Live-action Adaptation

modern warfare 3
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Combat

In 2015, there was a sign of Call of Duty getting a live-action movie after Activision Blizzard Studios was established and Director Stefano Sollima was supposed to direct and he wanted popular stars, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy in the film. The film was supposed to release sometime in 2018 or 2019 and it’s already 2023 with no release or even any detail.


It was later said that a Call of Duty movie was not the priority for the developers. No matter how much the fans want it, the reason behind Activision not going for a live-action COD project could be them being unsure of doing justice to the popular IP like HBO did with The Last of Us. There is no information if there will be a live-action adaptation of Call of Duty but it would be wrong to say that the thought doesn’t excite the fans.

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