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Call of Duty Explains New Modern Warfare 3 Anti-Cheat System

Beware of the Splat.

Call of Duty Explains New Modern Warfare 3 Anti-Cheat System


  • Modern Warfare 3's online multiplayer will have a new anti-cheat system.
  • Team RICOCHET will utilize machine learning to combat cheating.
  • Cheaters will face the consequences of their actions through Splat.

As the anticipated release of Modern Warfare 3 is closer than ever, with only a few more hours remaining, Sledgehammer Games and Activision went into extensive detail about the upcoming first-person shooter’s new anti-cheat system. Anyone who has regularly played any Call of Duty title’s multiplayer can bear witness to coming across all kinds of cheaters during its online matches.

With Modern Warfare 3, the developers seem to have upgraded their digital security system so that players can enjoy multiplayer matches without the fear of running into hackers who have consistently tried to ruin the gaming experience for the rest of the community.

Modern Warfare 3 Uses Machine Learning to Combat Cheaters

Call of Duty is completely prepared to combat cheaters in Modern Warfare 3.
Call of Duty is prepared to combat cheaters in Modern Warfare 3.

According to a post on X by the official Call of Duty account a few hours before Modern Warfare 3 launches, the developers seem to be taking the matter of cheating quite seriously this time. Since the popular franchise has a long history of being plagued with hackers, which has constantly frustrated players who play fair, it was inevitable that Sledgehammer Games and Activision had to introduce a more effective anti-cheat system.

Moreover, it just makes sense to bring it out in Modern Warfare 3, as it is the first major release after Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Activision, so the game has a lot to prove.

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Once again, the next Call of Duty‘s online community is in the hands of Team RICOCHET, which keeps track of and monitors all activity that takes place during multiplayer matches to ensure that everybody is playing fair. With Modern Warfare 3, Team RICOCHET is not messing around, as it has apparently taken a “stronger initiative to combat cheating using new Machine Learning advancements.”

Call of Duty‘s official X account did not just stop at one announcement and went into much more detail about the game’s new anti-cheat system, explaining that these aforementioned “advancements will help efficiency and speed in the prevention, detection, and removal of cheaters.”

During the Ranked Play online multiplayer sessions in Modern Warfare 3, Team RICOCHET will also utilize its “Replay Investigation Tool,” which makes reviewing matches more effective to “flag hackers at scale.” Of course, since the developers are putting in this much effort into looking for and discovering cheaters and hackers, there are going to be direct consequences for breaking the rules of the game.


This is where another new mechanic called Splat makes its entrance into Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 Cheaters Will Face the Wrath of Splat

Team RICOCHET will deploy Splat to ensure that the cheaters in Modern Warfare 3 get what they deserve.
Team RICOCHET will deploy Splat to ensure that the cheaters in Modern Warfare 3 get what they deserve.

Continuing the thread about the new anti-cheat system in Modern Warfare 3 with yet another post, the official Call of Duty X account announced an online multiplayer mechanic called Splat, which will basically act as the dreaded consequence for cheating. This means that the moment Team RICOCHET points out a cheater or hacker, it will “randomly disable their parachute sending them careening into the ground after they deploy,” or, in simpler terms, they will automatically get splatted.

To clarify things even further regarding the cheaters who have already deployed, Modern Warfare 3 will ensure that not even those players are safe from the wrath of Splat.

Modern Warfare 3 hackers who somehow manage to find a way onto the ground after being deployed to the battlefield will get their “player velocity” adjusted by the moderators. Which means that all it will take is just one small jump for them to be splatted into the ground as the adjustment will transform “a bunny hop into a 10,000 foot drop.” Call of Duty then proceeded to clarify a very “common misconception” about Modern Warfare 3 in the next post in the extensive thread.

Since many players have been confused about whether “spam reporting will result in actions being taken against accounts” in Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty clarified that this is simply not true. In fact, the number of times a “player reports another” does not really matter because Team RICOCHET’s “system only considers the first report” while avoiding the rest of the complaints by the same player.

To end the detailed thread on X about the new anti-cheat system in Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty assured fans that it is “committed to” getting rid of cheaters, stating that over 80,000 cheating accounts were “ejected” before launch and over 110,000 mistakenly banned profiles were “recovered, reset, and returned to the community.”

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