Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s God Awful Multiplayer Glitch to be Removed in Next Patch

Gamers are both annoyed and shocked at the most recent glitch in Modern Warfare 3 as players snake across the floor in multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's God Awful Multiplayer Glitch to be Removed in Next Patch


  • Modern Warfare 3 receives another game-breaking glitch.
  • Players take to Twitter/X to complain about the new snake glitch.
  • Sledgehammer Games announces they are working on a patch for this new glitch.
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When it comes to a new game like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, there will always be glitches that will unfortunately sour the experience for those who have been enjoying it. One of these glitches that has been played in the Modern Warfare 3 experience is the snake glitch.


This is a rather new glitch that players have only become aware of recently, but it has already taken a lot of players by surprise to the point that many gamers have already taken to Twitter/X to announce their anger with this glitch that is plaguing the multiplayer lobby.

What Is the Snake Glitch, and Why Is It Making Such an Impact Within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

Modern Warfare 3 suffers from a game-breaking glitch.
Modern Warfare 3 players are getting rather annoyed at the recent snake glitch that has emerged.

For those who may not know, the snake glitch that is currently circulating through Modern Warfare 3 isn’t the first snake glitch that has taken place within the game. This version that is currently active within the game has been named the Snake 2.0 glitch and is only possible for those who play on PC.


This has led to many unfair match-ups for those who play on consoles and have their crossplay enabled, as the snake glitch allows the PC players to quickly move across the map at a running speed while crawling through the ground as they look like a snake.

Unfortunately, this glitch has led to many gamers getting quite upset, as the matches that they take part in become incredibly unfair, causing many gamers to die from something they don’t even see or that is moving so fast they can’t tell what is going on.

So far, this glitch has caused a lot of negative responses from the gaming community and has caused many gamers to either quit the game or abandon the multiplayer game mode. Because of this, the gaming community has already begun to beg Sledgehammer Games to fix this issue as fast as they can.


Even though this glitch has taken a rather scary path as more and more players begin to activate it and abuse it, both the gaming community and Sledgehammer Games have already taken to social media to talk about this glitch, which is where Sledgehammer Games has announced they are already working on fixing this unseemly glitch.

When Will the Snake Glitch Be Removed From Modern Warfare 3?

Modern Warfare 3 suffers from a game-breaking glitch.
Players and Sledgehammer Games take to Twitter/X to complain about the recent snake glitch.

At the moment, we do not have a set date as to when the snake glitch will be officially removed from the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer mode, but according to the Modern Warfare 3 Trello Board, which has been made public on the official Modern Warfare 3 Twitter/X, there are plans to remove this glitch within the next patch to the game.

Even though Sledgehammer Games has actively said they are investigating this issue and are working to ensure that this glitch is removed within the next update to the game, some gamers are begging that this update be pushed forward to ensure that this glitch is removed as soon as possible, and for obvious reasons.


Sadly, a glitch like this isn’t so easily removed, as there are a lot of working parts that will need to be adjusted to make sure that this glitch is no longer available without damaging the game and its performance, which is why on the Trello board this glitch is still categorized as investigating rather than solved.

Hopefully, this new and evolved snake glitch will be patched out of existence in the next couple of days, as many members of the gaming community have already been affected by this issue, and it is sadly making a rather poor game even worse, as gamers already had a few issues with the game before this glitch became available.

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