Call of Duty is Teasing a Huge Prime Video Crossover with Characters that Fans Have Been Begging For Operators Of For Months

The Boys are coming back for more.

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  • Call of Duty could be preparing a new collaboration with The Boys.
  • Actress Karen Fukuhara, who plays Kimiko in the hit series, was spotted at the Infinity Ward studios.
  • Modern Warfare 2 already had a collaboration with the series.
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With Fortnite as the biggest name for collaboration, other titles like Call of Duty don’t want to be left behind. According to a new report, The Boys could be coming back soon to the Activision Blizzard franchise. The four seasons of the show will be released soon, and actress Karen Fukuhara was spotted at the Infinity Ward studios. 


Fukuhara plays Kimiko in the hit series for Prime Video. Last year, characters like Starlight, Black Noir, and even Homelander were already available as skins on Modern Warfare 2. This possibility could be very real.

Call of Duty Possibly Anticipating Another Collaboration with The Boys

A new crossover between Call of Duty and The Boys could be happening soon.
A new crossover between Call of Duty and The Boys could be happening soon.

Activision Blizzard has collaborated many times; at some point, names like Godzilla or even Messi were already part of the game. More recent crossovers included Dune, Warhammer 40K, and more popular IPs. According to recent reports, a very popular franchise is coming back to the game very soon. Players are excited to see a possible second wave of characters coming to the game.


According to the X account Detonated, actress Karen Fukuhara from the popular Prime Video series was recently spotted at the Infinity Ward offices.

She plays Kimiko on The Boys; this could mean that she went to the studio to make motion capture for her character to be part of a new Call of Duty bundle or even a mini event that could happen soon. Fans are very excited about these possibilities.


New The Boys Operators Could Be Coming to the Game

Fans are asking that Solider Boy, Kimiko, and Butcher be added to the game.
Fans are asking that Solider Boy, Kimiko, and Butcher be added to the game.

In Modern Warfare 2, the series had a complete in-game event where players could use the character’s abilities for a limited time. Fans’ reactions to this report suggest the inclusion of characters such as Butcher or Soldier Boy in the game as part of this potential collaboration. Another very thin clue that is actually happening is that the official Call of Duty account congratulates the series account for the release of the trailer.

The new season of The Boys will premiere on June 13 on Prime Video. This could mean that Activision Blizzard is waiting for its premiere to release or announce this collaboration. Many fans of the franchise are hoping to see amazing finishers for each new character in Modern Warfare 3, especially Kimiko, who is very strong inside the story of the series. Other users were not so happy, saying that the studio should try another kind of collaboration.

Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3 is about to be released, adding a lot of changes, collaborations, and an entire new battle pass that will include any kind of new item. This new season will hit the game on May 29 with a new map. Activision has already prepared a roadmap for this new content that will be dropped at the end of this month. As with any other season, players hope to see changes in the core game to improve the gameplay.


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