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Call Of Duty: Vanguard Has Hidden “Press F To Pay Respects” Feature Just Like The Meme

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Many people have never played Call of Duty but still, most of them are familiar with one of the most famous memes on the Internet, “The press F to pay respect meme”. You may or may not remember much from Call of Duty: Vanguard, but this cringe meme is unforgettable and has been on the internet for all these years! Feels like this meme has reserved its place on the internet forever!!

1. In a clip shared by a player online shows how he accidentally crashes the bomb and blows up himself with his own grenade. The silver trophy comes out with the letter F and clearly shows you how dumb you are! This was one hell of a fake and robotic gesture shown in the game at the time of such a tragic scene.


2. This meme has crossed over a million views since the time Connor O’Brien, a well-known talk show host mentioned it even when he didn’t know anything about it in the first place. The situation where the F button pops out is ridiculously funny. Anyone who has played the game knows that the X of the Xbox controller is pressed, but in the PC version of the game, the “F” key is used.

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3. On popular platforms like Twitch, gamers and viewers flood each other’s chat boxes with “Fs” whenever something bad happens on a daily basis. 

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After all these years, it has become the perfect response for expressing fake guilt over things that do not matter in reality.

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4. So far, reviews for the game have been different. From players to critics, some are loving the new multiplayer and zombie modes. But on the other hand, some are finding the campaign a total mess consisting of high peaks and low valleys.

It will be quite interesting to see players hitting the F key in the Call of Duty: Vanguard. This meme will trend all over again on the internet and everyone will flood each other’s chats again with the Press “F” to pay respect!!!

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