“12 year old devs making these…”: Call of Duty’s New Anime Operator Skin is a New Level of Immersion Breaking, and Fans have had Enough

Call of Duty x military-themed anime anytime soon maybe?

call of duty’s new anime operator skin


  • The new cosmetics bundle sparks controversy for its anime-themed operator skin and high price point.
  • Some players criticize the bundle, calling it out-of-place and corny, while others defend it as a source of revenue for Activision.
  • The inclusion of anime skins in the franchise raises questions about the game straying from its military simulation roots.
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A new Call of Duty bundle is out for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, and people aren’t as excited about it.


The ‘Vibrant Vixen’ bundle that carries a new operator skin and other goodies is being dragged by a few on social media for how out-of-place it looks. The issue with anime skins stretches far, and it might be the last straw for some.

Call of Duty Releases the Pricey ‘Vibrant Vixen’ Bundle

The latest Call of Duty skin bundle has mixed reviews
The latest Call of Duty skin bundle has mixed reviews

Activision’s popular franchise has been swerving in terms of direction for ages now, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Less than 24 hours ago, the company dropped a new cosmetics bundle for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, titled the ‘Vibrant Vixen.’


Worth 2400 COD points (or $19.99, in real-world money), it comes with the Mikan Endo operator skin for Jet and two weapon blueprints (‘Fox-Bite’ for the FR 5.56 AR and ‘Danger Spark’ for Sidewinder BR).

It also has the ‘She’s a Killer’ large decal, ‘Peace and Love’ weapon sticker, ‘Looks Can Kill’ charm, and a Battle Pass tier skip token.


This wasn’t the first anime-themed skin to grace the franchise, and it certainly will not be the last. Previously, there was the Anime-Ted Dream Reaction bundle, Anime Express, Akimbo Pack Anime, and several anime-themed Tracer Packs.

While the skin was liked by some players, others had some harsh words to share with the developers.

The New Operator Skin Isn’t a Crowd Pleaser

The franchise is no longer an immersive military sim, players say
The franchise is no longer an immersive military sim, players say

As the bundle was released, lots of people had some strong sentiments to share about the bundle. One player brushed off the skin saying a “12-year-old dev” made the skin.


Going a step further and calling it a “corny kid bundle,” they were happy to see it get out of the way in anticipation of the Task Force 141 bundles that should be out soon.

The problem isn’t just with the PC titles either. The Call of Duty Mobile Subreddit also has multiple posts complaining about the inclusion of anime skins in the franchise.


Most of the replies just seemed to say that it is what it is, mainly because that is what is making Activision money, and the studio will continue to push these out until people stop buying them.

Why is this game full of anime weeb shit skins? Isn’t COD franchise known for accurate military style warfare?
byu/confused_cat44 inCODM

Calling the franchise the “new Fortnite” seems to be the new trend, as some of its more unrealistic goofy skins from different franchises would fit in the Epic Games title more than anywhere else.


The common complaint seems to be that anime skins take away from the game’s immersion, which is why some have stopped categorizing the franchise as a military sim. This is where the comparisons to Fortnite kick in.

While discussions rage on, we’d like to ask you: do you think the existence of anime skins and bundles in the Call of Duty franchise hurts it? Or do you enjoy them and/or see them as harmless fun?


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!


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