“Take my COD points immediately”: Call of Duty’s Season 4 Crossover is Confirmed, and It Could End Being on the ‘Big’ SIde

Gundam fans are in for a treat in the next season of Call of Duty.

call of duty’s season 4


  • Call of Duty will feature Gundam in the next season, and fans are hyped.
  • Activision is making an effort to collaborate with other popular franchises.
  • Fans can expect more crossovers with other franchises that will appeal to the general audience.
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Call of Duty has evolved from a simple first-person shooter game that tackles the themes of war to a modernized battle royale. The developers opted to collaborate with other popular franchises, and fans of the Gundam series will be delighted with what is to come in the next season.


Crossovers are all the rage in modern media and Activision is taking full advantage of it to gain more coverage and appeal to the Japanese audience. This partnership is a clever business strategy that will benefit both parties involved and can always do more if the first one is a success.

Call of Duty Season 4 Will Feature Gundam and It Is Huge

Call of Duty is venturing into more ambitious territory with the upcoming collaboration.
Call of Duty is venturing into more ambitious territory with the upcoming collaboration.

It wasn’t long ago when the gaming community spotted a Tokyo, Japan, teaser for the following season. Including these massive machines only validates where Activision is taking the players. The country is quite popular and the aesthetic could be a nice visual change for the franchise that will attract more players to see how the developers depict it.


Multiplayer games need creative partners to keep the players interested. Recent rumors are circulating of a potential crossover with Jason Voorhees from the iconic horror series Friday the 13th, after the official page is seen to be following the official game page. Although there is no solid evidence, fans are clinging on to hope that this will come to pass.


Early reactions are positive and all eyes are set on how the developers will carry out this crossover. Perhaps there will be new cosmetic items inspired by the anime and players will have access to these as operator skins and maybe new executions that will have fans cheering with excitement.

The developers have done plenty of crossovers with other franchises, and the timing is always key, like the recent Monsterverse film, where players were on the prowl to get their hands on the operator skins inspired by the movie. It was perfect for Activision to piggyback on the hype and benefit greatly from it.

The Players Are Thrilled to See Call of Duty Doing Random Crossovers

Gundam fans will be logging in to see what kind of content the developers have made for Call of Duty.
Gundam fans will be logging in to see what kind of content the developers have made for Call of Duty.

This crossover is expected to be massive in scale given the colossal size of these mechs, and the beauty of game development is that nothing is impossible. Developers can do some crazy things that can blow the socks off players.


Players who recently uninstalled the game are now contemplating downloading it once more to see the new stuff that is coming and Activision can’t drop the ball now. It is good to see the developers finally find their footing and give the game the attention it deserves through content.

Activision can only do so much for shooters and it is wise of them to seek other opportunities that could help this franchise bloom. This crossover could help put the game back on track to invite returning players and an introduction to a new audience.

Fans have been begging for an epic crossover but there is a small likelihood that this was not in their bingo cards.


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