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Cameron Diaz Earned $1M an Hour for 2 Straight Weeks for $5.6 Billion Franchise

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Cameron Diaz is one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses. Diaz is known for delivering hit films including There’s Something About MaryBeing John MalkovichVanilla Sky, and much more. Diaz began modeling in high school and made her groundbreaking debut in the film industry by starring in the 1994 release. The Mask. However, Diaz earned a groundbreaking amount not for her modeling or action work but for her voice-over work in the blockbuster Shrek franchise which earned her a staggering $1 million per hour for two straight weeks.

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Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Voiced Princess Fiona In The Shrek Franchise

Diaz voiced the cursed princess in the popular Shrek franchise. The Shrek franchise includes four main films and the Gangs of New York star has voiced Princess Fiona in each of them. Princess Fiona is one of the leading characters of the main franchise. Princess Fiona is a beautiful princess who is enchanted with a curse that turns her into an ogre every night. Princess Fiona initially plans to kiss a prince to break this cursed spell but eventually falls in love with the franchise’s lead character Shrek, who himself is an ogre. 

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Princess Fiona
Princess Fiona

Cameron Diaz Got Paid Whopping $1 million Per Hour To Voice Princess Fiona

Though Janeane Garofalo was initially hired to voice the character. But Garofalo was fired from the first film itself without proper reasoning. Shrek is the second highest-grossing animated franchise of all time. It is no doubt that the franchise is a massive hit with its makers earning a huge profit. But little did anyone know that Cameron Diaz got paid $10 million for her work in Shrek 2.

Diaz herself revealed in an interview that she only had to devote two days with five hours of work to complete her part in 2004 released Shrek 2. This means that the actress was paid $1 million per hour. It goes without saying that the actress was paid a hefty amount for comparatively small working hours. Diaz casting in Shrek came at a time when she was already a well-established actress, and the subsequent success of the first installment of Shrek naturally increased her paycheck. 

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Shrek 2
Shrek 2

Though Diaz is not the only star who has received a whopping amount for small voiceovers. Many celebrities in the past have lent their voice in the past, and their paychecks have been determined by their popularity. The Shrek 2 franchise is available for streaming on platforms like Amazon Prime Video.

Source: BuzzFeed

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