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“Can anybody even remember the characters’ names?”: James Cameron Claims Fans Don’t Remember Avatar Characters Because it’s Not Like the Marvel Universe, Believes Avatar 2 Will Pave the Path For His Mythology

James Cameron Claims Fans Don’t Remember Avatar Characters Because it’s Not Like the Marvel Universe

Unlike the iconic characters of the MCU such as Iron Man, Captain America, and, Kang, people cannot remember Avatar characters. As James Cameron gears up for the release of his magnum opus 2 i.e., Avatar: The Way of Water, he compared it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

James Cameron gives a befitting reply in his interview to skepticism that the people seem to show before the film’s mega release and how it all fits into a narrative of mythology.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water.
James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water.

James Cameron’s Incomplete Avatar Mythology

Avatar: The Way of Water will expand the horizons of the Avatar world and how everything is connected. The movie is also set to be yet another box office-breaking film since people have high expectations (partly due to James Cameron).

James Cameron.
James Cameron.

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Before the release of the film, the veteran director sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to answer people’s questions. Many people speculate that the film will flop massively as James Cameron expands upon the same principle of the first movie. One of the popular detail is that not many people remember the character’s name from the franchise. The Titanic director gave a befitting reply to these comments.

There’s skepticism in the marketplace around, ‘Oh, did it ever make any real cultural impact?’ ‘Can anybody even remember the characters’ names?’” If people are less likely to remember Jake Sully than, say, Luke Skywalker, that’s partly because Avatar is only one movie into its mythology.”

The director further stated how the industry works and why he isn’t worried about people not remembering.

“When you have extraordinary success, you come back within the next three years,” he says. “That’s just how the industry works. You come back to the well, and you build that cultural impact over time. Marvel had maybe 26 movies to build out a universe, with the characters cross-pollinating. So it’s an irrelevant argument. We’ll see what happens after this film.”

Although the film has received much praise and applause for its visual effects, the story is not as enticing for the people as the first part. James Cameron reportedly poured his heart and soul into the making of this movie and is expected to continue as the franchise takes firm ground and expands the mythologies in the Avatarverse.

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James Cameron Fears People’s Reception for Avatar 2

A scene from the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water.
A scene from the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water.

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Avatar became the highest-grossing film since its release in 2009. James Cameron revealed in the interview that the people from 2009 were in different times. From not accepting climate change to taking it a bit more seriously, the people have evolved and Cameron has no idea how his film will be received in these current times.

“Avatar is the highest-grossing film, and it’s a movie that’s asking you to cry for a tree. You can’t hit environmental messaging over the head. People are angsty enough. We’ll be injecting this film into a marketplace in a different time. And maybe things that were over the horizon in 2009 are upon us now. Maybe it’s not entertainment anymore.”

The audiences are already hyped-up for the upcoming James Cameron film as the trailer received much love and appreciation. Avatar: The Way of Water is set to release on 16th December 2022 in theaters across the world.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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