“Can I ever go back to that kind of shape?”: Mayor of Kingstown isn’t the Role Jeremy Renner Says is a “Good Challenge” for his ‘Busted-Old Hips’ Following Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner can hardly sit still as he asks to be challenged after full recovery from his snowplow accident.

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  • Jeremy Renner's traumatic snowplow accident is a thing of the past as actor makes a full recovery in little over 12 months.
  • Hawkeye actor wants to return to Marvel to prove his mettle despite getting tuned up with titanium plates and screws.
  • Jeremy Renner releases two series and one album within a year since the accident as the actor defies logic to surpass expectations.
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When New Year’s Day rolled around in 2023, the world suddenly turned on its head as celebrations turned sour and concerned fans prayed for Jeremy Renner after the actor ended up in the hospital following a near-death accident that left him with over 30 broken bones in his body.


Two days and two surgeries later, Renner was on his phone actively reassuring fans about his progress, and health updates, even going so far as to promote the Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 premiere from his hospital bed while still fixed up to tubes and monitors.

Jeremy Renner and Taylor Handley in Mayor of Kingstown
Jeremy Renner and Taylor Handley in Mayor of Kingstown [Credit: Paramount Network]

Following months of physical therapy and a wild recovery journey that is worthy of being turned into a motivational book on top of the New York Times Bestseller list, Jeremy Renner is better than ever, gifted with a new perspective on life and conviction that runs stronger than the titanium rod fitted into his leg.


Jeremy Renner Speaks Up on His Renewed Interest in Acting

Demonstrating a superhuman capacity for strength and tolerance and undefeated faith and optimism for the future, Jeremy Renner has redefined the word “superhero” for many a child across the planet. As he regains full motor function, mobility, and control over his body, the Oscar-nominated actor speaks up on his renewed interest in acting as he answers questions about his future in Marvel during a May 2024 interview with JoBlo:

That’s always in my mind too. Getting asked back to do those things would always be an honor. I’m always willing to get ready. I think I need something to look forward to, or something to try and achieve…keeps me going in my progress. Stuff like that, ‘oh, can I ever get back to that kind of shape’ to be able to be that flexible with all these busted-old hips and things? Yeah, I think it would be a good challenge, and I’m up for it.

Undoubtedly, the role of Hawkeye remains up for debate, considering the old guard has had a do-over and the MCU is shifting toward a newer, younger batch of characters. But lazy writing can hardly stop the force of nature that is Jeremy Renner when even a 14,000 lb snowcat accepted defeat.

Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye [Credit: Disney+]
Ultimately, the January 1st accident left Jeremy Renner with eight ribs broken in 14 places, a collapsed lung, a pierced liver, a broken eye socket, and a crushed knee. But as Renner recalled in his first exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer in A Story of Terror, Survival, and Triumph on April 6, 2023: “I chose to survive,” claiming he refuses to be haunted by or victimized due to his accident.


Jeremy Renner Makes Fans Believe in the Power of Miracles

Jeremy Renner documents his recovery journey
Jeremy Renner documents his recovery journey [Credit: Instagram]

It takes enormous faith and strength of character to remain optimistic in the face of sheer hopelessness. Jeremy Renner proved that by placing himself on the frontline of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional recovery after the January 1st accident that nearly left him crippled. In its aftermath, Renner not only defied the doctor’s verdict about losing the functionality of both his legs but proved him entirely wrong by walking on the red carpet a mere 4 months after his accident.

The brutal and harrowing accident left Jeremy Renner in a state where his body needed to be held together by titanium rods, plates, and screws. For the actor, that was only another element making him stronger and not broken. Turning the situation around on its head, Renner released Love & Titanium – an album filtering his journey into a melody of hope, resounding faith, inner conviction, and the power of belief.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 will be available for streaming on Paramount+ from June 2, 2024.

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