“Can we stop the interview, is that okay?”: Emma Watson Gets Upset and Uncomfortable in an Interview, Fans Say She Deserves an Oscar

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Emma Watson Gets Upset and Uncomfortable in an Interview, Fans Say She Deserves an Oscar

Emma Watson’s acting skills deserve an Oscar, claim her fans. But not for a specific role or an endeavor she signed up for, but instead for a reaction she displayed during an interview. Watson has stunned movie-goers consistently, her portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series being her definitive role for years. The English actress has starred in other notable projects such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Little Women, Beauty and the Beast, etc.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson’s acting skills

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Her performances in those movies exhibit her acting prowess and character embodiment skills. However, nothing has shocked her fans and admirers more than an interview the actress once partook in. Held during the promotion of Sofia Coppola’s 2013 crime film, The Bling Ring, Watson was asked about her reason behind following the official Santa page on Twitter. This resulted in an unusual twist in the conversation and an uber-realistic response from the actress.

Emma Watson On Maintaining Her Privacy

Emma Watson as Meg March in ‘Little Women’
Emma Watson as Meg March in Little Women

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Emma Watson was asked questions related to the premise of Sofia Coppola‘s film The Bling Ring. In keeping with the theme, the interviewer brought up the unpleasant aspects of celebrity culture to the Harry Potter star. He then described the issue of unscrupulous individuals who Google famous people to get their addresses or private information. The query was if Watson found the aforementioned aspect of fame frightening.

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To this, the 33-year-old actress stated the following:

“That is pretty freaky. I’ve always had an awareness that felt like [that is] where things are going. I’ve been quite careful to try and protect my privacy and live as anonymously as I possibly, physically can, given the circumstances. It’s definitely a bit nerve-wracking.”

Emma Watson is one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood
Emma Watson on privacy

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The interviewer then mentioned Twitter and how, in social media environments, we tend to readily provide information. Having gone through the actress’ Twitter following, the interviewer was curious as to why Emma Watson followed the official Santa Claus profile. In response, the Little Women alum exclaimed, “Christmas is very exciting!” What transpired next elicited a surprising reaction from the actress, forcing her to almost stop the interview.

Fortunately, it was a pretty lighthearted and hilarious exchange.

An “Upset” Emma Watson Wanted To Stop The Interview

Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The interviewer told Emma Watson, “I don’t want to burst your bubble, but you do know about Santa, right?” From this moment on, the actress leveraged her acting skills to look distraught over the revelation. Watson interjected, “You’re saying… he’s not real?” Claiming that she is upset over the interviewer’s remarks, the Beauty and the Beast star requested for the interview to end:

“Can we stop the interview, is that okay?”

The actress seemed teary-eyed and choked up while speaking. In reality, her reaction demonstrated her exceptional acting abilities. She was faking her reaction to play up the “Santa isn’t real” bit. Some fans were astounded by the conversation and were startled by how plausible the scenario seemed. People assumed the actress was disappointed and outraged by what had happened.

Emma Watson earned critical praise for her The Bling Ring role
Emma Watson’s fake reaction tricked fans

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One fan commented, “I actually thought she was going to cry! She’s such a talented actress.” Another wrote the following, “She deserves an Oscar for making me think that she was actually upset that someone told her that Santa wasn’t real at the age of like 25.” Some claimed that Watson isn’t called an actress for nothing. Most people fell for her ruse, believing that she was genuinely distressed.

Actors being able to fool people with their abilities goes to show how incredibly talented they can be. It’s fascinating to speculate whether their competence helps them navigate other situations in life just by faking it! It’s a skill most yearn for, that’s for sure.

The Bling Ring (2013) is available for streaming on Paramount+.

Source: Empire Magazine

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