Can You Finish Watching These Horror Movie Scenes Without Turning Your Eyes Away?

Are you running short on time and don’t have a whole two hours to engulf yourself with nightmare-inducing imagery? Worry not as we are here to top off your Halloween with some spooky jump scares.
Here’s the deal, turn the lights off and try watching
these scary movie scenes with your friends. The person who doesn’t bat an eye through all the clips wins. 

WARNING: Some of these scenes contain graphic imagery, some are jump scares, and almost all contain spoilers for their respective films, so proceed carefully as you might skip a beat  


1. The hospital scene, The Exorcist III (1990):

Exorcist III  'Legion' - Nurse Station Scene - Scariest Ever Movie Scene

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Scene length: One minute.

One-sentence context: A nurse realizes that she is not alone after closing up a hospital late at night as everyone else exits.

2. The hall of mirrors scene, Us (2019):

Us (2019) - Hall of Mirrors Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

Scene length: Two minutes and 35 seconds.

One-sentence context: A young girl leaves her house and goes into a hall of mirrors at a carnival where she finds herself…no, really.

3. The bed scene, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984):

A Nightmare on Elm Street - Glen's Death

Scene length: One minute and five seconds.

One-sentence context: A young man accidentally dozes off in a bed alone, with a whole-ass TV on top of him, after his friends specifically asked him not to do so.

4. The kitchen scene, Paranormal Activity 2 (2010):

Paranormal Activity 2 (5/10) Movie CLIP - Kitchen Ghost (2010) HD

Scene length: Two minutes and 40 seconds.

One-sentence context: You don’t have to reach for some cupboards in this house.

5. The diner scene, Mulholland Drive (2001):

Mulholland Drive - Diner Scene

Scene length: Four minutes and 57 seconds.

One-sentence context: A gentleman explains to a friend a recurring nightmare he’s been having.

6. The defibrillator scene, The Thing (1982):

Chest Defibrillation - The Thing (5/10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD

Scene length: Three minutes.

One-sentence context: A team of American research scientists are being terrorized by an unknown force on their remote base in Antarctica when one of their own crewmate has a heart failure.

7. The lawn mower scene, Sinister (2012):

Sinister (2012) Jump Scare - The Lawnmower Scene

Scene length: One minute and 18 seconds.

One-sentence context: Basically, a dad finds a box of old home movies that are not his family’s and insists on watching them, even though they all end up being snuff films — this is one of those films.

8. The Large Marge scene, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985):

Pee-wee's Big Adventure (8/10) Movie CLIP - Large Marge (1985) HD

Scene length: Two minutes and 19 seconds.

One-sentence context: Pee-wee takes a lift from a friendly truck driver who’s got a thing for spooky tales.

9. The Red Man scene, Insidious (2010):

Insidious - Face of Fire

Scene length: Two minutes and two seconds.

One-sentence context: A mother tells her son about his rather spooky childhood that he has barely any memory of.

10. The monster-reveal scene, The Descent (2005):

The Descent (2005) Jump Scare - Night Vision Scene

Scene length: Fifty seconds.

One-sentence context: A group of friends plan to explain explore an unmapped cave when somebody uninvited shows up to welcome them.

11. The hide-and-clap scene, The Conjuring (2013):

The Conjuring - Hide and Clap Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Scene length: Three minutes and 19 seconds.

One-sentence context: A mother is stuck in a never-ending game of hide-and-clap with one of her own children.

12. The hitchhiker scene, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003):

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) - Hitchhiker Slashes Franklin's Left Arm

Scene length: One minute and 55 seconds.

One-sentence context: A group of kids pick up a hitchhiker.

13. The ending scene, The Blair Witch Project (1999):

The Blair Witch Project (8/8) Movie CLIP - The House (1999) HD

Scene length: Three minutes and 29 seconds.

One-sentence context: A group of real-life people who are definitely not actors go into the woods in search of a witch but they soon start disappearing turn by turn.

14. The TV scene, Ringu (1998):

Ringu awesome scene

Scene length: Two minutes and 17 seconds.

One-sentence context: A man’s TV is malfunctioning on another level.

15. The tall-man scene, It Follows (2015):

It Follows (2014) - The arrival of a tall man

Scene length: Two minutes and 57 seconds.

One-sentence context: A young woman is being followed by a metaphor for STDs that no one else around her can see and then this happens.

16. The premonition scene, Final Destination 2 (2003):

Final Destination 2 2003 HD Premonition Scene - Car Crash #1

Scene length: Two minutes and 29 seconds.

One-sentence context: You might just get too afraid to drive on a highway ever again if you watch this.

17. The lake scene, Friday the 13th (1980):

Friday the 13th (10/10) Movie CLIP - He's Still There (1980) HD

Scene length: Two minutes and 42 seconds.

One-sentence context: A young woman enjoys a serene lake where absolutely nothing wrong could happen unless…

18. The car ride scene, Hereditary (2018):

Hereditary (2018) - Charlie’s Death 1080p

Scene length: Two minutes and 42 seconds.

One-sentence context: A brother rushes home from a party with his sister seated in the backseat of his car, who is having a severe allergic reaction.

19. The Halloween revenge scene, Trick ‘r Treat (2007):

Trick 'r Treat (2007) - New Halloween Decoration Scene (1/9) | Movieclips

Scene length: Two minutes.

One-sentence context: A woman who is not really fond of Halloween is forced to get into the spirit of decorating by the literal manifestation of the holiday.


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