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‘Can you get pregnant while pregnant?’: Blake Lively Trolls Husband Ryan Reynolds For His ‘Spirited’ Dance Rehearsal Video

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively met on the set of the very forgettable DC movie Green Lantern, and while the movie didn’t really hit it off at the box office, the two co-stars surely did! As of today since they met, the pair have three daughters and are currently enjoying 10 years of marriage.

Reynolds and Lively are definitely a cute pairing, and the internet has adored their relationship to the point that fandoms are popping up dedicated to celebrating their love. While they may be made for each other, it’s also the fact that these two are one of the funniest celebrity couples in today’s generation, and the banter just keeps getting more and more hilarious.

Blake Lively FandomWire
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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Blake Lively’s Hilarious Response To Ryan Reynolds Dance Rehearsal

The holiday season is upon us, Christmas is a month away and Santa Claus is preparing his gifts for everyone as we speak. This calls for a hilarious Christmas movie to get the good vibes going.

Blake Lively FandomWire
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

And what else could be better than watching a festive movie with SNL legend Will Ferrell and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds in it, talk about comedic quality! Apple’s latest Christmassy movie named Spirited should be your go-to movie to soak in the colors of Christmas, and it’s already out.

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Although it seems like a usual thing for Reynolds to make a comedic movie, he did have to put in a lot of effort this time around as we can see from a rehearsal video of Reynolds practicing his dance moves for the musical.

He posted a video of the rehearsal in one of his latest Instagram posts, which saw comments from fans and celebrity friends alike. But there was one standout comment from his wife Blake Lively that stood out in comedic fashion.

The post was captioned-

You’ve got to be willing to be bad at something if you want to be… slightly less bad at it? Here’s Will and I proving that point! We’re so humbled by all the love for #Spirited on @appletvplus

Lively commented on her husband’s rehearsal video for the movie based on Christmas Carol, saying-

“Can you get pregnant while pregnant??”

It’s simply a hilarious interaction between the happily wedded couple, and this isn’t even the first of many!

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Some Of Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively’s Funniest Moments

There’s probably no greater entertainment in the world than witnessing the hilarious antics of Blake Lively and her equally funny husband Ryan Reynolds. What makes their dynamic even funnier is that they joke around with each other without any hard feelings at all too!

Blake Lively FandomWire
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

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Probably one of the funnier moments between the two, other than the one above, is when Reynolds tweeted a GIF that took a funny jab at his wife’s lead role in The Shallows-

Having been awarded the title of Sexiest Man Alive back in 2010, Reynolds is bound to have a fanbase dedicated to him..and his body. When a fan once asked him about what Lively thinks of the ‘fan requests’ that he receives, he deflected the joke at her wife once again!-

It’s safe to say these two will keep the internet entertained forever. For how long we do not know, but their undeniable chemistry as a couple tells us that it won’t be over anytime soon!

Spirited is currently available on Apple TV+

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