“Can you imagine the outrage? I’m American”: Tom Hanks Says He Will Never Play Doctor Who Because He Won’t Jump into a ‘red telephone box’

Tom Hanks Says He Will Never Play Doctor Who Because He Won't Jump into a 'red telephone box'
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Doctor Who is a popular household television name now. The BBC Series focuses on the Time Lord who goes by the name Doctor. While a ton of actors have portrayed the role of the popular personality, reportedly Tom Hanks was also set to star in the role. Over time we have seen many actors spearheading the series and Tom Hanks’ inclusion could have been something super unique as he could be the first American to do so.

Doctor Who
Doctor Who was about to be offered to Tom Hanks

As per the words of Tom Hanks in the Happy Sad Confused podcast, his nationality is one of the prime reasons why he responded negatively. The actor is popular for helming many out-worldly and unique roles throughout his career.

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Nationality stands as a barrier for Tom Hanks

One of the key factors that make Doctor Who special is its ability to recast the titular character repeatedly. Some reports stated that the twelfth doctor Peter Capaldi pitched to the makers for casting the Forrest Gump actor as the next Time Lord.  

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

Quite unfortunately Tom Hanks straightaway declined the offer as he can foresee that the audience will not at all take it well. According to him, households will never accept someone American playing the role of the Doctor. There would have severe outrage and backlashes:

“That would’ve been a blast, but that’s all, that’s all scheduling I guess. Can’t do every job. And honestly, me as Doctor Who– can you imagine? Can you imagine the outrage? I’m an American, and I’m gonna go over, and I’m gonna jump in that you know, red telephone box, and you know, and either wear a scarf and whatever it is.”

Tom Hanks is known for having a wide spectrum of skills and for his ability o fit in the shoes of any character, be it Forrest from Forrest Gump, Chuck Noland from Cast Away, or the most recent Tom Parker from Elvis. The role of a time-traveling genius could have added some more to his list of acting achievements.


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Do Doctor Who fans stand on the same ground?

Doctor Who excels in the area where it openly states that the character can be played by anyone irrespective of age, religion, color, and gender. This made the actress Jodie Whittaker the first female doctor to take up the mantle as the thirteenth doctor. She is soon going to hand over the torch to the Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa. He is going to be the first actor of color to head the series. 

Ncuti Gatwa
Ncuti Gatwa is soon to be the 14th Doctor of BBC’s Doctor Who

But that doesn’t place the Tom Hanks casting rumors on a favorable side. While some could be excited for Hanks as the Doctor when the news came out for the first time, many showed the opposite response. They claimed that there’s a certain essence of Britishness that adds depth to the character and removing it will only ruin the show.


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Although Tom Hanks portrayed a British character earlier also, maybe his decision was correct. Still, it can’t be denied that in the future if the tides change any day, he can still think again about the role as the storyline still suggests that the character can be of any race or nationality.

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Source: Happy Sad Confused Podcast


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