Canceled Plot Twists: 4 Which Would Have Hurt Iconic Sitcoms (& 4 That Would Have Helped)

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Plot twists keep the shows’ interest among the fans sparking. If it weren’t for them, we would’ve never seen Chandler and Monica get together or the death of Robb Stark in the Red Wedding. Unfortunately, while some of them were always planned and worked out really well, there are some who were changed or added at the last minute. And they deviated from the original script. For some shows, it helped, while for some, the original writing would have been better. Here are four canceled plot twists that hurt iconic sitcoms and four that would have helped.


Would’ve Helped: In the original script of Full House, DJ and Steve were never going to break up. But the writers changed it, and we had to see the tension between them because of the canceled plot twists.

7 Full House Dj And Steve ideas | full house, dj, fuller house
Dj and Steve

Would’ve Hurt: This, probably everyone knows now, but this had to be there on this list. Chandler and Monica weren’t supposed to last this long. They were only written as a fling, something that they would forget after leaving London. But thank god, they didn’t!

We bet you never noticed THIS about Monica and Chandler's relationship in Friends (and it's so confusing)
Chandler and Monica

Would’ve Helped: The show probably would’ve lasted for longer had it not been Ellen DeGeneres coming out on the show. The original script was instead going to let Ellen buy a puppy.

How Ellen's 'Puppy Episode' Influenced Hollywood—and America - HISTORY
Ellen DeGeneres

Would’ve Hurt: In Two And A Half Men, Hugh Grant was supposed to play the role of a con man. He was going to convince Alan Harper to let him stay in Malibu, but things didn’t go as planned as Hugh didn’t take the role.

Hugh Grant Reveals the Real Reason He Turned Down 'Two and a Half Men': 'I Was Too Scared' | Entertainment Tonight
Hugh Grant would have been on Two and a Half Men

Would’ve Helped: Roseanne was the TV show that addressed heavy and controversial topics that weren’t usually talked about then. The original script was going to be about Jackie choosing to terminate her pregnancy, but they instead changed it to Jackie’s sister not supporting her.

Jackie Roseanne Canceled plot twists
Jackie in Roseanne

Would’ve Hurt: Lilith and Frasiers’ toxic relationship on Cheers wasn’t actually going to be a “relationship”. The creators originally wrote it as a one-night-stand, and then Frasier would meet the love of his life. But after they hit off so well and audiences loving their chemistry, they changed the plans for the two.

Cheers Canceled plot twists
Frasier and Lilith in Cheers

Would’ve Helped: On Black-ish, the creators handled a lot of dangerously controversial topics, be it related to race or politics. And it was appreciated by the viewers too. However, there was going to be one such topic that wouldn’t have been kneeling football players.

Blackish Canceled plot twists

Would’ve hurt: On Married With Children, the writers had written Peggy’s pregnancy because the actress Katey Sagal was also pregnant. But they later removed it from the story, which was definitely for the better. Seeing another Bundy wasn’t going to help the show.

Peggy Bundy from Married with Children Canceled plot twists
Peggy Bundy from Married With Children

These were some of the canceled plot twists that helped some shows, while some original scripts would have hurt the shows. Do you know more? Let us know.


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