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‘Can’t wait for his comeback’: Henry Cavill’s DCU Return Rekindles Hope in DC Fans for Michael Shannon’s Zod in Man of Steel 2

General Zod to return in Man of Steel 2

Michael Shannon had an incredible performance as General Zod in Man of Steel and the fans too admire just how impactful his acting had been. Man of Steel cannot come any quicker as fans grow more and more excited to see Henry Cavill return as Superman after a long time. This anticipation naturally would only grow further seeing that the movie has yet to find a director, let alone a script. Although the film has no confirmed cast except for Cavill, theories have been spiraling among the audience from Amy Adams to Michael Shannon returning for their roles.

Michael Shannon in Man of Steel

Seeing that the movie only has a green light to be made and nothing else at the moment, the speculations continue to grow. Considering that James Gunn is willing to consider the ideas of the people for the upcoming movies, there is a high chance of these headcanons coming true.

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Michael Shannon’s General Zod Could Return Along With Henry Cavill In Man Of Steel 2

As of now, Henry Cavill‘s Man Of Steel 2 could have absolutely any wild number of returning characters as although it is named as a sequel, it has been hinted as a reboot. This can also come into consideration as The Flash would be a movie that would constitute the events of Flashpoint, which will change the DC Universe and what we know of it.

Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon as General Zod

Flashpoint would specifically change every manner of the DCU and with it, would grant more and more opportunities for directors to explore different angles of the same story. This could include General Zod’s return although Michael Shannon‘s character died in Man of Steel. Fans themselves have expressed their wish to see the actor reprise this role in some form regardless of the events of the successor film. Not having a confirmation, for now, could easily work in the favor of the fans as it opens up the possibility to see Zod once again go up against Superman in a big battle that would leave the fans stunned.

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In What Ways Could Michael Shannon’s General Zod Return?

It was very evident that Michael Shannon’s General Zod succumbed to his inevitable death in Man of Steel so the question of his return is rather understandable. The answer to this is just as simple seeing that the movie would be exploring the multiple angles of Clark Kent and Superman. Zod had a major impact on the character and so there is always a possibility that he could show up in the form of a flashback sequence.

Michael Shannon as General Zod

Another outlook on this is that there could be a possibility of Zod being cloned and then appearing. Cloning is not a new concept in the world of Superman, seeing that Connor Kent is a clone of both Lex Luthor and Superman combined. Therefore, Shannon’s character being cloned is also not out of question.

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