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“Can’t you think of your mother being dead ?”: Keanu Reeves Was Asked to Think of a Horrible Thing After He Struggled to Cry in His Movie ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

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Being an actor is not an easy job! Keanu Reeves became fans’ favorite not only because of his good looks but also his dynamic career. However, his acting work didn’t just give fame and wealth to him as it also attracted several unexpected things. Those difficult situations sometimes get difficult to comply with or adjust to keep being relevant in the industry. Given the hardships they have to endure, there are times when things get extreme which made situation harder for him.

Keanu Reeves
Canadian actor, Keanu Reeves

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Back in 1988, the actor worked in a romantic period drama film, Dangerous Liaisons, where the actor was supposed to do something difficult to cry for a scene.

Keanu Reeves Was Forced to Think of His Mother’s Death to Perform Crying Scene

Keanu Reeves in Dangerous Liaisons
Keanu Reeves in Dangerous Liaisons

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Keanu Reeves has established himself as a talented actor who can mold himself for diverse roles in the entertainment industry. However, it didn’t come to him at first, as the John Wick star had to go through a long journey before finally reaching this point.

The 2003 book released by Brian J. Robb, Keanu Reeves: An Excellent Adventure based on the actor’s personal life and career threw significant light on his crucial roles in the 1980s-00s including his time filming Dangerous Liaisons. 

He wrote about a particular scene in the 1988 film which demanded the actor to cry on the spot, however, he had difficulty in executing that scene. When he was unable to cry on cue, film director Stephen Frears got frustrated and said to him,


“Can’t you think of your mother being dead or something?”

After heeding his advice, the Canadian star was finally able to perform that scene. The writer commented that “his most difficult acting challenge in his career so far – getting tears to flow.” From then on, he continued to work in different arenas to try out different roles. While he was able to succeed in doing the scene, it would have been difficult for him to imagine his mother being away from him.

Who is Keanu Reeves’ Mother?

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves with his mother, Patricia Taylor

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Patricia Taylor is a well-renowned personality and mother of the Canadian superstar, Keanu Reeves. She has worked with several celebrities in Hollywood as a production and fashion designer.

Due to her being a crucial figure in the industry, she further helped to cement the actor’s career. She worked as a production designer for projects like 1991’s Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, 1995’s The Four Corners of Nowhere, and 1999’s Couches, Tables and Darts.

Due to her strong connections in Hollywood, Keanu Reeves even got a chance to meet stars like Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, among others.

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