Captain America Admits He’s The Weakest Avenger In Marvel’s Avengers #22

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Captain America is one of the greatest Marvel heroes that the world has ever known. His legacy forever lives in everyone’s hearts, despite people calling him the weakest Avenger.

Captain America Comics
Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America

Steve Rogers became America’s greatest hero when he wore the red-and-blue costume and became a super soldier after he volunteered to join the army during World War II. He was made into the greatest weapon against the Nazis, and he became the champion of the people.

Not until he suffered a tragic ending where he and his best friend, Bucky Barnes, tried to take down a Nazi plane. Bucky was supposedly killed in action while Steve landed on cold waters where he was frozen for years. When his body was recovered, years later, he was still alive. That was the start of his time with the Avengers.


Is Captain America Really The Weakest?

Stan Lee and Don Heck’s issue of Avengers #22 saw the Avengers being forced to break up after the Enchantress and the Power Man set them up for several crimes they did not commit. However, Captain America won’t take that crap, so he went on a mission to make things right for the Avengers. During his duel with Power Man, Steve proudly tells the villain, “Still think the Avengers are easy game, Power Man? And remember–you’re fighting the weakest one!

Captain America-Avengers 22
Captain America and Power Man in Avengers #22

This is not the first time Captain America has been called weak. In the early Avengers stories, the Avengers presumed Steve dead after he was sent flying through Kang’s time stream. It was difficult for the team to accept the loss, and Giant-Man said that despite being the weakest link, his absence will leave a void.

Modern fans would be scratching their heads in confusion as to why Captain America receives such kinds of insults. The legacy he left amongst his co-Avengers and the people he helped is enough reason to prove that he is one of the strongest.


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