Captain America: New World Order Rumor Has Fans Convinced Edward Norton is Playing Red-Hulk, Will Fight the Hulk in MCU Movie

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Captain America: New World Order is one of the most anticipated movies among the upcoming slate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The level of excitement mainly catapulted after it was reported that Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader is going to appear in the movie. The news of The Leader in Captain America: New World Order shocked most fans as they couldn’t connect the dots about how a Hulk villain will make sense in a Captain America movie. But now a new rumor suggests that we may also spot another Hulk character making his appearance in this movie.

Captain America: New World Order
Captain America: New World Order

Soon after the matter with rights of the Hulk movies and characters was resolved with Universal, the news of a World War Hulk project has been high on the internet. And if this new rumor gets true then we might spot our classic Edward Norton as a Hulk in the upcoming Captain America movie.

What are the new rumors about Captain America: New World Order?

The announcement of Tim Blake Nelson’s return in New World Order raised several other question marks. While most fans are wondering about its connection with a Captain America movie, it is also a notable fact that the developments happening around the Hulk in the MCU currently lead to a far bigger picture.

Samuel Sterns - The Leader - The Incredible Hulk
Samuel Sterns aka The Leader is going to return in Captain America: New World Order

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In a recent Youtube video, it is rumored that the hyped World War Hulk project will feature multiple Hulks. And the upcoming Captain America: New World Order will also bring another Hulk character to the MCU alongside Leader. If the reports are to be believed then the movie is going to be directly connected to the World War Hulk project which is rumored to be secretly in development.


According to the video, the most suitable choice of character to bring in the New World Order is Red Hulk. It also makes sense as Red Hulk is a character who is linked to the Government and as per the history of the Captain America movies, they mainly deal with the political issues within the government. Even the last The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series gave similar vibes so it can be expected the latest Anthony Mackie film will also follow a similar route.

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Where does Edward Norton fit in the picture?

Edward Norton as the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk (2008).
Edward Norton as the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk (2008)

If it is noticed carefully, then a majority of the pivotal characters have made their return from The Incredible Hulk. After Tim Roth’s Emil Blonsky aka Abomination was shown in the She-Hulk series and Tim Blake Nelson’s announcement, only Edward Norton is the last man standing. In the comics, Thunderbolt Ross was Red Hulk but sadly William Hurt passed away earlier this year thereby leaving a huge question mark.


Now many fans believe that this void can be filled up with the help of Edward Norton. Theories suggest that they may show Norton as another Government official turning into the Red Hulk who will go face to face against Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner.

Edward Norton
Edward Norton’s departure from the MCU was not at all in friendly terms

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Although it is a highly debatable topic as Edward Norton’s departure from the MCU was not like a sweet goodbye. The comments by the MCU maestro Kevin Feige during the timing of his recasting with Mark Ruffalo created friction between the star and the studio. But if the rumors turn out to be true then it can be a peace treaty-Esque moment between the two parties. On top of this, with the hints of World War Hulk being already started to be placed in the MCU, it is sure that various Hulk characters will also be introduced very soon.


Directed by Julius Onah, Captain America: New World Order is going to hit the theaters on May 3, 2024 

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