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Captain America: New World Order Seemingly Confirms World War Hulk Movie as Mark Ruffalo in the Talks to Appear as Bruce Banner/The Hulk

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Mark Ruffalo made his first appearance as Hulk in the 2012 Avengers. The actor has since reprised the role in many Marvel movies but has not received a solo film yet. With Marvel moving ahead with the MCU, fans expect that the studio will give the character a solo project in the future. Rumors already have that Marvel is planning World War Hulk for the character, which will follow the events of She-Hulk, where Smart Hulk was seen leaving for Sakaar. Now reports have been that Mark Ruffalo will be appearing in phase 5 film, Captain America: New World Order. 

World War Hulk was rumored to be in the making
World War Hulk was rumored to be in the making

Latest reports have suggested that Mark Ruffalo has a special appearance in the film as Hulk. The rumors started after Kevin Feige introduced Tim Blake Nelson as one of the cast members of Captain America: New World Order. Tim Blake Nelson played Samuel Sterns, aka The Leader, in 2008 The Incredible Hulk.

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Mark Ruffalo’s Potential Appearance in Captain America: New World Order

After Marvel announced that Tim Blake Nelson would be reprising his role as The Leader in Captain America: New World Order, fans are excited to see the actor joining the MCU. With Nelson joining the MCU as The Leader, fans have also started expecting to see Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and The Leader face to face again. 

Mark Ruffalo is up for World War Hulk movie
Mark Ruffalo is up for the World War Hulk movie

Fans have interpreted that Hulk would be coming back to fight against The Leader in Captain America 4. As Hulk never went back to look into The Leader’s actions and did nothing to stop him, he would try to stop the villain in the film. The film would be suitable to bring back these two characters together. Marvel has not made anything official about Hulk’s appearance. 

World War Hulk from Marvel Comics.
World War Hulk from Marvel Comics.

The latest episode of She-Hulk has also hinted at The Leader’s appearance on the show. The last episode of She-Hulk shows a group of people preparing to get Jennifer Walters’ blood. Fans have started assuming that The Leader is guiding this group and plans on using her blood to create his Hulk army.

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Captain America: New World Order Will Lead to World War Hulk 

Rumors for World War Hulk have started since Bruce Banner’s appearance on She-Hulk. Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, was seen leaving the Earth after he received a message from Sakaar. It is clear that he went to Sakaar, and his next appearance in the MCU will be related to the reason he visited the planet. 

World War Hulk rumored to be a MCU Disney+ series

There are also rumors that She-Hulk will also join Anthony Mackie in the upcoming film. Not just She-Hulk, there are also claims that Captain America 4 would feature multiple Hulks. Marvel comics have multiple versions of Hulk, and these versions are expected to appear later in World War Hulk. 

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In comics, Hulk visits his son on Sakaar, and the events following his visit lead to the World War Hulk. However, it is not necessary that Marvel will follow the same plot as comics as it has done with most of its movies. But World War Hulk will start with Hulk visiting Sakaar. 

She-Hulk FandomWire
Sam Wilson aka Captain America

Marvel has not officially announced anything on World War Hulk yet. Captain America still has quite the time for its release. So, fans will have to wait a little more to see if Hulk will be appearing in the movie or not and if it will lead to the World War Hulk or not.

Captain America will release on 3 May 2024.

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