Captain America Star is Confident Chris Evans Will Return to MCU Despite Devastating Thunderbolts* Snub

Despite Thunderbolts* setback, the MCU star remains confident about his return.

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  • Following his MCU debut, Daniel Brühl's Zemo was anticipated to reappear in Thunderbolts*.
  • Zemo's absence from the Thunderbolts* cast was disappointing for many, given his association with the team in comics.
  • Despite the Thunderbolts* snub, the actor remains hopeful for his character's return to the MCU.
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Following his debut as Helmut Zemo in the 2017 film Captain America: Civil War, Daniel Brühl reprised his role in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier alongside Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie. Zemo, who played a pivotal role in pitting the Avengers against each other, was anticipated to reappear in Thunderbolts*, where he is a key figure in the comics, even serving as the team’s leader.

Daniel Brühl in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Daniel Brühl in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021)

However, Zemo’s absence from the Marvel’s Thunderbolts* cast announcement was disappointing for many, given his close association with the team in comics. Despite the significant snub, Brühl has remained optimistic, as he expressed confidence about his return to the franchise in a recent interview.

Daniel Brühl is Confident About His Return to the MCU

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, Daniel Brühl reflected on the unexpected exclusion of Helmut Zemo from Thunderbolts* while discussing his potential future in the superhero franchise. Despite the Thunderbolts* snub, he remains hopeful for his character’s return to the MCU since he is still alive within the cinematic universe.

Daniel Brühl made his MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War
Daniel Brühl as Baron Zemo in the MCU | Credit: Marvel Studios

“It’s fine for me, I can wait. [Laughs] I’m a very patient man,” he said before adding, “And who knows, I mean, I’m still not dead, I’m very confident that I’ll be back.” Brühl also shared that his absence from the MCU has allowed him to explore something new, a series called The Franchise.

No, I’m not, but it’s funny, because in the meantime, I just wrapped on a show that’s called The Franchise, where it’s actually a satire about the superhero universe, so it was fun to switch sides, so to say. But knowing Marvel, they have a lot of sense of humor, so they will probably find it as funny as I did.

A still from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
A still from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier | Credit: Disney

Zemo was last seen in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series on Disney+, briefly donning his iconic purple mask from the comics. Eventually, he was handed over to the Dora Milaje and imprisoned in the Raft.

Along with Daniel Brühl, Thunderbolts* has also been considered one of the projects that could mark Chris Evans’ return as Captain America. However, the prospect of his return to the MCU remains uncertain with the lack of any substantial update from the studio.


Chris Evans Denied His Return as Captain America in the MCU

Chris Evans has portrayed the role of Marvel superhero Captain America for nearly a decade before taking his leave in Avengers: Endgame. Fans have been looking forward to his return to the cinematic universe in the upcoming projects.

The rumors were only fueled by a Variety report, which claimed that the studio has been planning to bring back the original six Avengers. The actor, however, has denied having any knowledge about his future in the MCU, as he shared during an appearance on The View.

Chris Evans as Captain America in Civil War [Credit Marvel Studios]
Chris Evans as Captain America in Civil War | Credit: Marvel Studios
Acknowledging the persistent rumors, he said, “You know, I always see those reports too. I think every couple months, someone says that they’re getting Downey, and Hemsworth, and Scarlet, and everyone’s coming back!”


“No one’s spoken to me about it,” he further said denying having any substantial information about his potential return. While he didn’t completely deny the possibility, he said that he would only reprise his role if the project would be perfect and felt right to him.

The Captain America film series is available to stream on Disney+

Thunderbolts* is scheduled to release on 2 May 2025.


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