Captain America’s 5 Saddest And 5 Funniest Moments In MCU

Throughout his journey, Captain America went through a ton in the MCU before getting his happy closure. He’s had both funny and sad moments during his time in the MCU. He isn’t the first superhero many fans think of when someone says ‘funny’. Some of the fans often stated that the good old Captain was boring because of his no-nonsense, clean-cut personality. But many can agree that his films contain a lot of hilarious scenes. Along with all the jokes, he’s also had some tragic moments in his life. Here we have compiled Captain America’s 5 saddest and 5 funniest moments in the MCU.

1) Funniest: Steve Almost Lifts Thor’s Hammer (And Later Lifts It For Real)

In Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Cap almost lifted Thor’s Mjolnir. The moment was hilarious as the look on Thor’s face was priceless when Steve was able to nudge the hammer.

Fast forward a few years, in Avengers: Endgame (2019), Cap lifted Mjolnir for real to protect Thor against Thanos. Thor’s reaction once again made the moment hilarious as he yells “I knew it!”

2) Saddest: Steve Realizes He Slept For Decades

In the final scene of Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve wakes up and escapes from S.H.I.E.L.D. He was shocked to see the world around him. Nick Fury catches up with him and then reveals that he slept for almost 70 years. The first thing that Steve mentions is his date with Peggy.

3) Funniest: Steve Meets Thor Again (And His Friends)

Some fans often complain that Captain America is no fun, but he actually does have a sense of humor and is willing to use it even in the middle of a battle. In Avengers: Infinity War (2018), when Thor arrives to help the team in Wakanda, Cap and Thor greet each other like old friends.

Steve points out Thor’s new haircut and Thor jokily accuses Steve of copying his beard. Thor then introduces him to Groot as his “friend, the tree”. Steve casually says hi as if a talking tree is something he witnesses every day.

4) Saddest: Steve Looks At His Friends’ Files

One of Captain America’s saddest scenes that displayed his struggles adjusting in the 21st century didn’t make it into the film. In a deleted scene from The Avengers (2012), Steve is sitting in a quiet dark room going through his old friends’ files. He realizes that most of his friends are dead but Peggy was retired not deceased.

5) Funniest: Steve Fools Hydra

In Avengers: Endgame (2019), Steve pulls off a hilariously clever move that helped him avoid a fight and easily walk away with the scepter. Steve easily fools Hydra by making Sitwell believe he’s a part of the secret organization as well. Fans went crazy when they saw this scene and this scene also draws inspiration from the comics.

6) Saddest: Bucky Falls To His Death

Steve blames himself when he’s unable to save bucky, his closest friend. He was extremely sad over losing someone who was like a brother to him. But later in the 21st century, Steve finds out that Bucky is still alive and he sets out to find him.

7) Funniest: Steve’s Training Sequence

When Steve attends the training camp that will determine who will become Captain America, he proves that he’s not only brave, willing to sacrifice his life, but also smart. For instance, one hilarious moment happens when the rest of the soldiers fail to get the flag down from the pole when they try to climb the pole but fall. Steve then casually walks up, unscrews a few screws, the pole falls down and he gets the flag.

8) Saddest: Steve Sees Old Peggy Again

Peggy’s funeral was indeed a sad moment but the scene in which Steve visits her is even more emotional. They both had a peaceful, meaningful conversation but later it all changes when Peggy forgets Steve is there (probably due to Alzheimer’s). Her eyes fill with tears once she notices him again and she says it’s been so long.

9) Funniest: Steve Talks To Women


No doubt, Captain America is unstoppable when it comes to fighting enemies. But what makes him a relatable character is his way of dealing with women. He deals with women awkwardly, Steve stutters, mumbles, and makes a fool of himself in front of women he likes, especially Peggy. And when Natasha kisses him all of a sudden, his reaction is drily funny.

10) Saddest: Steve Goes Down With The Plane

An emotional scene follows when Steve and Peggy realize that Steve won’t make it. Peggy tearfully persuades Steve to come back. They make a deal to go dancing later. Their conversation cuts off all of a sudden and Peggy collapses in tears while Steve plunges into the water.


Source: ScreenRant