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Captain Jack on Doctor Who
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Whovians were in for a treat in the latest episode of Doctor Who Series 12 as Fugitive of the Judoon saw the shocking return of everyone’s favourite rogue time agent, Captain Jack Harkness.


Captain Jack’s shocking return came amidst a police investigation in an area of Gloucester where the intergalactic space police, and returning monsters, the Judoon were employed to hunt down a fugitive who sought refuge in the town.

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While the time agent’s involvement in the episode seemed to have nothing to do with the main plot, his actions seemed to foreshadow a larger more dangerous threat concerning “The Lone Cyberman”. Cybermen have already been promoted as appearing in the Series 12 finalé.

Despite never coming face to face with Jodie Whittakar’s Doctor in this episode, Jack’s parting lines to her companions who he managed to transport onto his stolen ship seemed to indicate this isn’t the last we have seen of him.

John Barrowman’s return to the franchise has been kept under wraps with only rumours, speculation and fan-theories circulating about the return of a myriad of old fan-favourites. Captain Jack usually finds himself near the top of these lists given the character’s charisma and popularity over the six years he graced our screens.


Captain Jack was last seen on screen in 2011 for Torchwood’s fourth, and apparent final, season Miracle Day. Since then Barrowman has leant his voice to the Big Finish audio series continuing the adventures of Jack Harkness and Torchwood.

During his time away from the Doctor Who universe, John Barrowman has found a new fandom of fame in another TV universe, the Arrowverse. First appearing as a recurring character on Arrow in 2012 as Malcolm Merlyn aka the Dark Archer, Barrowman was promoted to a series regular for the third and fourth seasons before appearing as a special guest star on Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

After the broadcast of the latest episode on BBC One in the U.K, Barrowman took to social media to thank his followers for the “overwhelming” support and love he has received from the surprise appearance.


“Is this the last we have seen of Captain Jack? Only time will tell”

The twelfth series of Doctor Who has been full of surprises in the six episodes that have aired so far. Firstly with the return of The Master in the two-part premiere Spyfall with new incarnation Sacha Dhawan, now the return of Captain Jack Harkness and the revelation of Jo Marsh’s character Ruth being revealed as a new version of The Doctor, simultaneous to Jodie Whittakar’s Thirteenth Doctor.

Not only is Marsh’s reveal as The Doctor a bombshell for the series, but also Jo Marsh has made history becoming not only the second female Doctor, but the first black Doctor of either gender.


Doctor Who: Series 12 airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One and at 8/7c on BBC America.


Written by Jai Howlett

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