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‘Captain Marvel’ Gets It’s Cinematographer

There’s no doubt that the last few months have been Captain Marvel months. Whether it’s DC’s (Shazam) or Marvel’s Captain Marvel. Both of the films are currently in pre-production and assembling their teams.

And now Marvel’s Captain Marvel has grabbed Doctor Strange’s, Age of Ultron’s, and Guardians of the Galaxy’s cinematographer Ben Davis  for this film too. It only seems logical since he has done a fantastic job in introducing audience to new genres and dimensions of the MCU. Whether it was with different Galaxies in Guardians of the Galaxy or the Dark Dimension in Doctor Strange, Davis has done an amazing job.

We’ll have to wait and see how his visuals are going to surprise and excite the audience with so many new aspects that the Captain Marvel movie will introduce, but seeing his experience in the field we can say that the movie is in safe hands.

Captain Marvel will hit theaters March 6, 2019, between the two Avengers films!

What are your views on this? How excited you are about the Capt.Marvel solo? Do share it with us in the comments.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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