Captain Marvel V Superman: Why Captain Marvel Would Thrash the Man of Steel

Why Captain Marvel Would Thrash the Man of Steel
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Marvel vs DC battles will continue to prevail for ages. But the greatest of them that we want to witness on the big screen is the one involving Captain Marvel and Superman. These are two extreme powerhouses in their respective comic factions with only a few characters being able to match their levels of strength and might. But people mostly end up comparing them against each other to see who would emerge victorious.

Captain Marvel and Superman
Captain Marvel and Superman

Both Captain Marvel and Superman are actually quite similar than one could imagine. They’re both arguably the strongest members of their teams. Captain Marvel changed the tide in Endgame as soon as she entered the battlefield. And Superman did the same in the Snyder Cut and Josstice League editions. Their usage in movies and their powers are quite similar, which is why a Captain Marvel vs Superman encounter is always on the cards.

Now that Superman is back in business and James Gunn is in charge of DC, maybe he could call up his friend Kevin Feige and cook a matchup against Captain Marvel somewhere down the line. But before that happens, we’re going to do our own little match-up and predict the victor in a one-on-one clash.


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Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Carol was a capable air-force pilot who got caught up in extra-terrestrial warfare. The MCU origin of Carol Danvers is a bit similar to the comics, but the specifics of it are quite different. For instance, she was caught in an explosion of a Kree Psyche-Magneton device in the books. But in the MCU, it was a Light-Speed Engine powered by the Tesseract (the Space Stone). And that mixed with the added Kree blood in her veins allowed her to grow insanely powerful. In fact, the MCU version of Captain Marvel is actually portrayed a bit stronger than the comics.

Captain Marvel possesses a wide range of abilities. She can fly at insane speeds, and shoot photon blasts out of her hands. As far as her durability levels are concerned, she took the full brunt of a Power Stone punch and bounced right back up. And while battling Thanos, we also saw her greatest ability, i.e. energy absorption. Holding the Infinity Gauntlet, she absorbed the energy from six Infinity Stones and became so strong that she withstood a direct headbutt from the Mad Titan without even flinching!


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Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel
Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel

Her superhuman strength is portrayed a bit lower in the comics as she could roughly lift around 80 tons. But in her binary state, that strength enhances, and so do all her other abilities. We watch her access this binary state pretty regularly in the MCU. But besides that, Carol has the ability to survive in space. She possesses a Cosmic Awareness and something that’s called a “seventh sense” in the books. It almost works like the Peter tingle and allows her to anticipate and react to incoming attacks.

So overall, she is among the four strongest MCU characters that exist in the MCU (if not the strongest of all), and she’d prove to be a worthy opponent for…


Kal-El aka Clark Kent

Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill returns as DCEU’s Superman

As most of us are aware, Clark Kent is a potent and talented reporter. But he is the last son of Krypton who was transported to Earth as an infant. Being a Kryptonian, his cells get supercharged by Earth’s yellow sun. And that nourishing intake gives him his set of God-like abilities such as super hearing, super strength, X-ray vision, microscopic vision, heat vision, freeze breath, flight, durability, super speed, and agility.

He is capable of flying at speeds that could even match a speedster at his beginner level. His superhuman strength could destroy planets. His heat vision could even melt Vibranium. And once he is directly exposed to the yellow sun, his wounds heal instantly, and his powers get heightened. The only problem for him in most fights is that he has to hold back. But when he doesn’t, he becomes the most dangerous being in the entire universe.

Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU.
Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU

But yes, he also possesses a few weaknesses. He is vulnerable to red sun radiation, magic, and (Green) Kryptonite. The Red Sun radiation doesn’t physically harm him, but it takes away his powers and makes him no stronger than an average human. But opponents using magic or Kryptonite could physically weaken him or even kill him. So, all three of these elements could be used against him in a combat match. But still, let’s see how he’d fare in a fight against Danvers.


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Captain Marvel vs The Man of Steel

Captain Marvel and Superman
Captain Marvel vs Superman

A brawl between these two juggernauts would have to happen in a barren world or somewhere deep in the cosmos because everything around them would crumble and fall. They’re both stronger than planets, and they possess abilities that could counter the other’s powers. They are equals in most cases and their bout would last really long. But you’ve got to agree that Superman has more disadvantages.

He is faster and more agile than Danvers, but her seventh sense allows her to defend and counter accordingly. His ‘freeze breath’ could hold her back long enough for him to attack, but she’d stand back up right then, just like she did against Thanos. Superman would be able to resist Carol’s photon blasts, but Carol on the other hand won’t just resist his heat vision, she’d be empowered through her energy absorption ability.

Who would win?

Marvel has alluded to Carol’s weakness against magic quite a few times in the books. But in a battle against Superman, she is practically invulnerable. She won’t have to use Kryptonite to defeat him because she could take advantage of the red sun radiation. In her binary form, she has the ability to access all sorts of solar radiation including red sun radiation. So, an attack with that would depower Superman long enough for Carol to triumph.

Hence, Captain Marvel would be the ultimate victor unless Superman could find a way to steal her powers first, just like the Scarlet Witch did in their recent slugfest (Multiverse of Madness).

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