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Captain Marvel VS Thanos. Who Is The Stronger Individual?

Who is stronger Captain Marvel or Thanos? Round by round, we will choose the individual who reigns supremacy over the other.

The genocidal warlord of Titan was one of the last sons of A’lars. He has been the cause of multiple massacres in the Marvel universe and has often been termed as the worshipper of death. Cursed with knowledge, Thanos found pleasure in killing. His confidante and significant other Lady Death was the driving force of most of his intentions.
Our other contender is Carol Danvers of the alias Captain Marvel. She travels the cosmos helping restore imbalances on the scale of solar systems. The two comic entities happen to be the most robust knowns of the Marvel Universe. However, we are going to take an intriguing approach to measure the powers of the two individuals.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel was called out to be the most powerful being known. Things however took a turn when we witnessed her fight with Thanos and were left with questions. Check out the 5 reasons which make Captain Marvel strong and 5 which makes Thanos.

10. Captain Marvel: More Physical Strength

Thanos effortlessly took down the trinity of Avengers Cap, Stark, and Thor. He KO’d hulk and tossed him like a toy. Not just cinematically, but even in the Comics Hulk has been defeated by Thanos multiple times. His strength is indeed no match to any of the Avengers. On the other hand, Captain Marvel has given us instances where she has stopped Thanos from making his second moves. The fact that she kept Thanos from snapping his fingers by holding his hand says a lot about the former’s strength, giving her an upper hand here.

9. Thanos: More Experience

Carol Danvers who is a top-tier human and Kree warrior hybrid is said to be 1960 born. She might have battled several vicious characters of the Marvel Universe but Thanos was born long before she existed. He has spent hundreds of years preparing himself in terms of combat and tactics and is sid to be thousand+ years old. He has conquered numerous planets with his significant other Lady Death and has gotten better with each battle.

8. Captain Marvel: Faster Speed

Thanos might appear all bulky and enormous but man he is fast. While he might not often choose to depict his pace of actions as his followers bring down his enemies, the Mad Titan is capable of moving at enhanced speeds when required. In his battle with Hulk, he didn’t just throw punches but dodged all moves that the Hulk tried upon him. Captain Marvel on the other hand is light and small but even faster. In the comics, her binary form can traverse intergalactic space faster than the speed of light making Thanos no match for her Speed.

7. Thanos: More Durability

In some of the comics, Carol Danvers is shown to be capable of absorbing energy-based attacks and then using them to grow even stronger. She can make her enemies sweat off in the fields. On the flip side, we witnessed in the initial minutes of Avengers Infinity War how Thanos took over Hulk and absorbed multiple of his punches at point-blank range. He snubbed them off like it was nothing at all. Even Stark gave his best to only make him shed a drop of blood.

6. Captain Marvel: Energy-Based Powers

While the Mad Titan is said to be capable of telekinesis and telepathy, he fails to retain an upper hand of the energy-based powers of Captain Marvel. Her psionic abilities are derived directly from her DNA instead of a suit or a weapon and give her feats like flying, shooting lasers from hand,  travelling in space without any suit and transforming into a form of pure light energy that can cause unimaginable destruction.

5. Thanos: Better Fighter

All the training in terms of martial Arts which Carol Danvers has received was based mainly on her military experience. While she stands out to be an excellent fighter with immeasurable skills, Thanos strikes an even higher spot in this criterion. His combat with Hulk was a mere example which showcased how he had honed his fighting skills over a very long lifetime and justified his triumph of various battles across the universe.

4. Captain Marvel: Binary

The accurate depiction of Captain Marvel’s binary form would be an equivalent of going Super Saiyan. The retina-burning radiance she displays in her Binary form is what makes her one of the strongest characters of Marvel Universe. She can utilize all types of energies on the electromagnetic spectrum.

3. Thanos: Intelligence

Although Captain Marvel’s intelligence is nothing doubtworthy as she has time and again made good use of her intelligence to win over combats, the ultra-convoluted plans and thinking abilities of Thanos make him even smarter. He’s familiar with all the latest developments in science and has been a high-witted person since birth.

2. Captain Marvel: Cosmic Awareness

Imagine spidey-sense but in a highly intensified form. The cosmic awareness possessed by Captain Marvel is matched to no one in the Marvel Universe. This flash precognition strength makes her impossible to defeat on a battlefield as it enables her to precisely foretell any moves and countermoves her assailant is going to try.

1. Thanos: Leadership Ability

Captain Marvel on various occasions has taken up the leadership positions and had been of great virtue to the Avengers in the End Game. But the Mad Titan happens to be no stranger to leadership qualities. The inborn aura of Thanos has gained him followers instead of teammates. He has been known for carrying out some of the biggest attacks in the Marvel Universe with the Army he leads.


While it remains one of the most controversial questions, each of the two overpower the other in some manner.  A fight between Captain Marvel and Thanos would be a close affair, to be honest. As long as Thanos doesn’t have access to any weapon as deadly as the Infinity Gauntlet, Captain Marvel could bring him down to his knees. But with plans and techniques in action, Thanos is almost impossible to defeat.

Source: CBR