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Carrie Bradshaw: 10 Times Fans Hated The Sex & The City Star

Carrie Bradshaw 10 Times Fans Hated The Sex The City Star

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker)is famous for her role in Sex and The City. Sex and The City revolves around the life of four women in Manhattan. The show was ahead of its time and addressed several controversial issues that were not discussed in shows. Every protagonist has their share of flaws. The outreach of Sex and The City has expanded as it is now on HBO and is available to a new generation. Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) says she loves Carrie’s flaws. Carrie went from being downright insufferable to imperfect. Here are some instances of the same:

1. Finding Natasha: Carrie tracked down Natasha to force an apology from her because Natasha had ruined her marriage.

 Sex and the City: Carrie Bradshaw

2. The Way Carrie  Bradshaw treated Aidan: Aidan (John Corbett) is an easy-going and warm person. But Carrie never appreciated this. Aidan Is willing to do so much for Carrie but is never good enough for her. Despite the undeniable chemistry between the two, they are very different and cannot work.

Carrie and Aidan On Sex and the City

3. Not valuing her friends: Miranda has a neck injury because of running a marathon and cannot move. Carrie sent Aidan instead of going there herself. Aidan finds Miranda on the bathroom floor and takes her to the hospital for treatment.

Sex And The City: Carrie Bradshaw

4. Judging Her Friends: Carrie Bradshaw is a good friend, but she can also be incredibly harsh to her friends. Carrie often finds faults with her friends and makes uncomfortable jokes about them in public.

Sarah Jessica Parker Carrie Bradshaw

5. She doesn’t believe in Therapy: Carrie Bradshaw has very outdated opinions on therapy. She finds excuses to avoid the sessions. Even if Carrie does go, it’s never a fruitful session because she is not serious. She finds therapy self-indulging and doesn’t believe in it.

 Sex and the City

6. Values her boyfriends more than her friends: Carrie loves her friends. But when she is in a relationship, she tends to prioritize her boyfriends more than her friends.

Sex and the City

7. Carrie expects her friends to help her balance her finances: Expensive wardrobe, designer labels, Upper Eastside apartment – all on the salary of a freelancer? She finds out that she has to pay 30000$ within a month or vacate her apartment. Carrie Bradshaw expects her friends to solve her financial troubles for her. She gets upset when Charlotte doesn’t offer her the money.

Carrie Bradshaw

8. Carrie Bradshaw is selfish: She tends to make everything about herself. She wants to be in the limelight regardless of what her friends’ going through. Friendship demands equal participation!

Sex And The City:

9. A Demanding Diner: Waitstaff tends to trash talk high-maintenance diners. Carrie is one such demanding diner. At one such restaurant, Berger gets very ticked off by Carrie’s constant demands, picky taste, and inability to compromise. She rants for minutes about her non-existent Parsley allergy.

 Carrie Bradshaw In Sex And The City

10. Big Affair: She is at her lowest because she’s having an affair with a married man, Mr. Big. Carrie has also defiled Mr. Big’s marriage. She’s betraying Aidan and ruining her relationship. Mr. Big and Carrie’s relationship is seedy, not romantic. Aidan walks in on Carrie washing the sheets after sex with Big. This is one of the most brutal scenes in the series.

Sex and the City - Carrie Bradshaw


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