Cartoon Network Trolls Fans for Spreading Rumors About its Demise: ‘When you find out about your death via Twitter’

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Cartoon Network has been home to several animated titles that shaped the childhood of many. For many, its presence is more than just kids-centric entertainment. Series like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Looney Tunes, Chowder, We Bare Bears, Steven Universe, Tom & Jerry, Ben 10, etc., have left behind a considerable influence in the hearts of the masses.


These endeavors are not just cartoons. They also represent a nostalgic sentiment that audiences can never forget.

Cartoon Network Studios
Cartoon Network Studios

Therefore, when speculations and rumors arose about the channel shutting down, fans of the channel and many of its shows were quick to express disappointment. The whole Internet fell into a state of frenzy. Then, what happened next, was hilarious, to say the least. Seems like the official Twitter account for the channel will now be busy trolling people for at least the next few days.


How Did The Cartoon Network Rumors Come To Be?

It all began with the reports that detailed how the popular children’s channel will merge with Warner Bros. Animation. This decision has to do with Warner Bros. Discovery’s “strategic realignment” under the authority of CEO David Zaslav. An important aspect to note in this context is that despite the merger, both Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. will operate individually.

Warner Bros Television
Warner Bros. Television

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The exaggerations surrounding the matter began when the entire premise of the merger was misunderstood and carelessly sensationalized to create a buzz amongst the masses. The rumors of the channel dying spread like wildfire, as many believed that HBO Max removing the CN titles from their content library, back in August, was just a premonition to what was happening. The hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork started trending.


Additionally, the staff layoffs carried out by Warner Bros. Television proved to have fueled the fire of such fears.

Luckily enough, some workers at Cartoon Network Studios along with the official Twitter account for the kids’ channel helped ease the qualms of the fans. The channel is definitely not dying and the merger will not be hampering any of the shows currently in production.

Here’s the tweet that helped calm down the fans:


Fans have nothing to worry about. The channel may be old, but it is going nowhere. They’re constantly working hard to bring forth new and better shows for audiences all across the globe. Through the tweet, they also assured that more exciting stuff is underway. Therefore, the disappointment of the Twitter users who helped trend the hashtag denoting Cartoon Network’s death was addressed and everything was resolved.

Cartoon network Studios
Cartoon Network Studios

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All’s well that ends well.

Well, not really. The Twitter account for CN has now taken to trolling fans in the most hilarious fashion possible. It can be ascertained that they’re not letting go of this incident anytime soon. The same goes for the people who have turned the entire situation around into a meme-worthy occasion. Regardless, this is a much better reality than the one initially people envisioned and panicked about.

Cartoon Network Trolls Its Fans After The “Dying” Rumors

Fans are getting trolled by CN
Fans are getting trolled by CN

Although there’s remaining concern over the layoff situation, it’s mostly lighthearted leg-pulling that has been happening over at the official Twitter account for the children’s channel. They posted a small clip from one of their shows, The Amazing World of Gumball, with the caption, “POV:  When you find out about your death via Twitter.”


Take a look:

This post reaped humorous replies from the rest of the fans who responded with the following tweets:


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It can be substantiated that the strategic realignment is bringing about various changes in the threshold of Warner Bros. Discovery-owned assets. It would be intriguing to see how exactly both Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation end up working together after the merger. While CN will not be shutting down, it will have to realign itself under an agreement that both networks have to move forward with to prioritize content quality and entertainment.


Let’s see what happens.

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