‘Cause he’s an absolute legend and man’: House of the Dragon Star Matt Smith Pays His Respects to Keanu Reeves For Being Brave Enough To Watch Morbius On a Flight

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Matt Smith, famous for his roles in multiple acclaimed series such as The Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who was recently on the show Happy Sad Confused where he got to know from host Josh Horowitz about Keanu Reeves watching his infamous movie Morbius during a flight. The movie’s controversial reviews made critics thrash at it, but none enough to beat down Matt Smith’s spirit.

Morbius actor Matt Smith

Matt Smith has been gaining much popularity ever since the release of House of the Dragon for his role of Daemon Targaryen on HBO Max.

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Morbius Made Many Memes

After the release of Morbius, starring Jared Leto and Matt Smith, its ratings were a whole new low for the superhero movie industry. With the critics not sparing the movie even a bit, the movie only managed to make $163 million worldwide which was much lesser than expected.

Matt Smith in Morbius
Matt Smith in Morbius

This however did not stop the actors portraying the villainous vampires to carry along with social media and the world of memes. Leto himself went on to create a fake poster for a meme sequel of the movie, Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’ Time. The phrase had become so popular on the internet that you could hear almost every other person use it.

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Likewise, Smith too isn’t shying away from talking about the movie and acknowledging its failure at the box office.

Keanu Reeves Sparks Up Matt Smith’s Day

On the late-night show Happy Sad Confused, Josh Horowitz told Matt Smith about the time he was on a flight with Keanu Reeves and oversaw him watching Morbius and A Clockwork Orange. Horowitz then proceeded to call this match the perfect double feature.

“Cause he’s an absolute legend and man.”

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor
Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Smith was rather glad to learn this information. He loved that The Matrix star had actually watched his movie, even if wasn’t the best one, and that if they were to ever work together on a project, then they would have a conversation starter. Embracing the comedic aspect the movie now holds, he laughed about the event, and even though both Morbius and Hunger are villains in the world of Spider-Man comics, Matt Smith acted as the antagonist for the movie.


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Smith played the antagonist of the movie, Hunger, and his direct next project was House of the Dragon. And even though the Doctor Who 60th anniversary will bring back older characters, there has been no news of him joining it so far.

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