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‘Cavill played Superman as he is: a good man’: As Netflix Buying SnyderVerse To Make Man of Steel 2 Rumors Surface, Fans Defend Why Henry Cavill’s Superman is Zack Snyder’s Greatest Creation

'Cavill played Superman as he is: a good man': As Netflix Buying SnyderVerse To Make Man of Steel 2 Rumors Surface, Fans Defend Why Henry Cavill's Superman is Zack Snyder's Greatest Creation

For years, fans have debated whether or not Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is a true representation of the character. Some argue that he lacks the humor and joy that Superman is known for, while others believe that he is the best version of the character to date.

With rumors of Netflix potentially buying the rights to the SnyderVerse and making Man of Steel 2, the conversation has resurfaced, and fans are defending why Henry Cavill’s Superman is the ultimate version of the character.

Fans’ Love-Hate Relationship With The Snyderverse

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: the SnyderVerse is not for everyone. The dark and gritty tone is a departure from the more light-hearted superhero movies we’re used to, and some fans find it off-putting.

However, those who defend the SnyderVerse argue that the dark tone is necessary to explore the more complex aspects of Superman’s character. After all, he is a god-like being burdened with immense power and responsibility, and exploring the moral implications of that power makes the character so compelling.

Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill.
Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill.

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Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is a big part of what makes the character so compelling in the SnyderVerse. He brings a quiet intensity to the role, conveying the weight of the responsibility that comes with being a hero.

He’s not just a one-dimensional hero who saves the day and makes quips. He’s a layered character with flaws and doubts who is forced to make tough decisions that test his moral compass. Cavill’s powerful and vulnerable performance makes the character more relatable and human.

Fans Praise Zack Snyder’s Work

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

Fans of Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman have been taking to Twitter to defend the actor’s performance as the Man of Steel in response to recent rumors that Netflix may be buying the SnyderVerse to produce a sequel to Man of Steel.

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One tweet from @Kryptonian_Cafe reads, “Cavill never got to play a proper Superman. I’m begging y’all to understand that Superman isn’t just happy and joyful all the time. There’s much more to that character, and Snyder properly adapted most those aspects.”

This sentiment is echoed by many fans, who believe that Cavill’s Superman was true to the character’s roots as a beacon of hope and justice while also exploring the more complex aspects of the character’s personality.

However, some fans like @thomaslh2142 feel that something didn’t quite “click” for them regarding Cavill’s portrayal of Superman. They would have liked to have seen more from the actor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Another tweet by @RyanMercer16 praises Snyder’s depiction of Superman, saying that the character was well-developed and well-written. Still, his story was cut short with Justice League 2 and Justice League 3. Fans still hope to see the completion of Cavill’s arc as Superman.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

Finally, @PootishLego regretted not appreciating Cavill’s performance as Superman when he had the chance. The user admitted to being a “huge Marvel shill” in the past but now misses Cavill’s portrayal of the character.

It is also important to mention that most fans are not pleased with James Gunn taking the lead regarding Superman and DC overall. One such tweet that has caused some controversy is from @KazuyaProta, who is unhappy with James Gunn’s characterization of Superman in the past. Gunn has called Superman an “idiot” in the past and said that they would never trust Gunn again.

Henry Cavill’s Superman is a great representation of the character. He brings a new level of complexity to the role, and his performance is powerful and vulnerable. While the SnyderVerse may not be for everyone, it presents a compelling and realistic version of the character that explores his internal struggles and moral conflicts.

With the potential for a Man of Steel 2 on the horizon, fans eagerly await the next chapter in Superman’s story. And hopefully, Snyder will get to be a part of the process, somehow.

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Written by Mabel Andrady

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