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WandaVision: 22 Celebrity Reactions To The Series Finale

6 The best reactions to the WandaVision finale.

We would warn you of WandaVision spoilers, but if you have clicked on the article, you know your Marvel. Two months of teases, twists, reveals and more culminated in a wonderful send-off to the Scarlett Witch (for now). From a character people just nodded their heads at because of her just okay-ish character arc in the MCU, Wanda Maximoff has been held up as a firm fan favorite (move aside, Baby Yoda.) As soon as the finale was completed, Twitter and its netizens, including celebrities were on hand to give us some of the oh-so-us reactions to the show. Here are some of our favorites –

1. The big bad witch and her henchman teeing up the grand finale.

2. The Magic-benders vs Vision and the Philosopher’s stone.

3. Elizabeth Olsen being grateful to be able to pay homage to a classic character.

4. Us before the first episode vs us after the finale.

5. Jimmy Woo from WandaVision, “You know, I’m something of a magician myself.” and Vision thanking you and me, the fans, for staying along with them all the way.

6. So many fan theories about Mephisto, Magneto, and the X-Men wasted.

7. Stephen Colbert quite aptly shooing away the spoiler-mongers (no, not us!)

8. The Hulk approves.

9. “…engage all defenses and get this woman a spine.”

10. Late-night host Jimmy Fallon jumping on the Marvel train.

11. Us getting hyped for a big reveal at the end of each episode.

12. Josh Gad, giving us the gist of the finale.

13. But it IS sad how grief is the conduit that powers Wanda, from the comics to the movies to the show. She has found her peace but we hope that she finds her happiness soon.

We’re all waiting, kid. from WANDAVISION

14. Rachel Zegler acknowledging one of the best character arcs, one that fans are screaming to have his own spin-off.

15. It hurts because it is true. One can only hope nothing has happened to them in whichever dimension Wanda was shown visiting at the post-credits.

Seriously though, they must have been confused from WANDAVISION


16. We are so happy that the small tyke from Captain Marvel has grown up to be such a wonderful woman. Here’s to hoping for more involvement from her as teased in the end.

17. Yvette Nicole Brown (the S.H.I.E.L.D. official who called out Tony Stark for his “hippie beard” in Endgame) is all of us.

18. “I have died every day waiting for you.”

Me realising I won’t get to see Wanda until Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness from WANDAVISION

19. We did have an inkling of what was going to happen at the end, but the build-up to it, especially that scene made even Amy Santiago tear up.

20. One great family paying respect to another.

21. Kevin Smith, just like us was left grasping for comfort and a shared feeling of loss.

22. Here’s some chicken soup for the WandaVision shaped hole in your hearts.

We need more! from WANDAVISION

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