Celebs Other Than Chris Rock Who Have Been Attacked On Stage

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One of the most highlighted moments of the 94th Academy Awards is Will Smith smacking Chris Rock on stage. The famous actor did so when the comedian made a joke about his wife. The comedian took it professionally and went on with the show. Later, during the break, the celebs discussed the matter. But the act of Will Smith is being criticized by other celebs.


But this was not the only time a celebrity was attacked on stage. There are other such incidents when celebrities were performing on stage when someone, out of nowhere, attacked. These incidents can really scare the celebs. Check out this list to find out.

Jim Jefferies was attacked on stage

Jim Jefferies was attacked on stage
Jim Jefferies

It is almost a part of the job description of comedians. Every now and then, they have to deal with a crowd among which there is someone who does not know how to take a joke. Back in 2007, when the celebrity wasn’t that well known, In his performance at the Comedy Store in Manchester, England the poor man was attacked on the stage. A man from the audience jumped on the stage and started punching the celebrity. Jefferis said that the reason behind the attack was that man had a putdown with someone in the audience. After a few minutes, he attacked the celebrity and stopped only when security intervened.


Kurt Cobain was hurt by a bouncer

Kurt Cobain was attacked on stage
Kurt Cobain

Bouncers are meant to protect celebrities, but sometimes they flip out too. In one of the Love Buzz performances, the celeb was attacked on stage by his bouncer. Kurt Cobain hopped into the crowd to body surf. One of the bouncers tried to pull him back, but quite aggressively. The celebrity pushed him off and while doing so hit him on the head with his Fender Jaguar. This made the bouncer go completely crazy. He pulled Cobain back on stage harshly. And did not stop at that. He started punching and kicking the guitarist. He got the celebrity on the ground. Till he was dealt with by the audience and other guards.

XXXTentacion was left unconscious on stage

XXXTentacion was attacked on stage

In 2017, while performing on the stage at a show in San Diego, XXXTentacion was attacked by an unknown man. He came out of nowhere and the rapper was attacked on stage by him till the rapper was unconscious. Though it could be one of the audience going crazy incidents, many speculate that the attack was planned by one of the rivals. Many of the local fans of the controversial rapper said it was allegedly done by Rob Stone. The attacker was handled well by the security at the show while the medics took the rapper away.

Noel Gallagher had to cancel shows

Noel Gallagher was attacked on stage
Noel Gallagher

Sometimes being attacked on stage can cause some severe to the victim celebrity. The damage done by these attacks can be both mentally and physically scarring. One such event happened with the guitarist at the Virgin Music Festival in Toronto in 2008 Oasis performance. A man from the audience came up on the stage and attacked the celebrity. Though the celebrity managed to finish the show, it was later found out that the musician had three broken ribs. The band had to cancel many of their future shows till Gallagher recovered from the injuries.


Beyonce takes an attack like a queen

Beyonce was attacked on stage

When they call Beyonce a queen, it is the most accurate title ever given. In one of her shows in 2013, the singer was attacked on stage. A shirt fan in Brazil jumped up on the stage while the singer was performing. He also tried to pull her off the stage into the crowd till he was stopped by security. Beyonce went on to perform even after the attack and did not even miss a beat. She even shook hands with the fan while performing the next song. Really showed the world what she is made of.

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