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Celebs That Shined Brighter After Reaching The Edge

Celebs That Shined Brighter After Reaching The Edge

Naturally, you may know most of these talented actors from their breathtaking performances on this list. However, they never started out with a bang. In fact, most of these actors were ready to throw in the towel had they not received the roles that made them what they are today. We hope this list inspires you in your hard times and pulls through with a smile on your face.

1. John Krasinski


Before being a cast member of “The Office”, John Krasinski told Stephen Colbert about him reaching the edge when it came to his acting career. The celebs’ mom had convinced him to let him have his hand at acting for two and a half to three years. He decided to give it a shot and almost gave up after two and a half years of struggling, asking his mother to pick him up from New York City. His mom encouraged him to complete the second half of the year before taking the gloves off, two weeks later, he got cast in “The Office”.

2. Elizabeth Olsen

Wanda 1

The actress had already gained a negative mindset towards the industry. This was because of the way the media had treated her sisters and how their lives were affected. However, she still gave her shot in the movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene” which generated Oscar-worthy attention. She is now an important cast of the MCU.

3. Noah Centineo


The talented actor, Noah Centineo, was close to waking away from the industry before landing his role in “The Fosters”. This was due to the fact that the celeb had to sign a contract for a pilot he had auditioned for, which mentioned that he will not be able to audition anywhere else for six months. Fortunately, the actors’ thoughts were not enough to keep him away from his career.

4. Gal Gadot


gal gadot

Before becoming the fierce Wonder Woman we all admire in the present. Gal Gadot, the former Miss Israel had considered quitting acting as she had been facing lots and lots of rejections for a long time as she was new to the industry and to top it off, an outsider, telling her husband that she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. However, as fate would hold it, she soon got a call from Zack Snyder to audition for a secret role.

5. Melissa McCarthy


The comedic actress that we all know and love had decided to hang up the coat after she would turn 30. She was spending so much time and so much money trying to pursue this dream she had and it was taking forever. At 30, Gilmore Girls managed to tap into her potential.

6. Kristen Stewart


Before becoming a world-class actress, Kristen Stewart had also attempted her hand at acting as a kid for a year and failed miserably, not even being able to get cast in any commercials, and had decided to stop auditioning once and for all. Later her mother convinced her to try one last time, but this time she aced it and got selected for her first project “The Safety of Objects”.

7. William Jackson Harper


He said that he still liked acting quite a bit, however, just trying to make ends meet was starting to consume him every day. He even questioned if his work was eating away at his health. However, he claims that it was that very attitude that got him the role of Chidi when he auditioned for The Good Place where his interest rose once again.

8. Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper, the celebs behind the voice of ‘Rocket Raccoon’ in the MCU. The actor had actually faced a big professional down during the run of his first show “Alias” as he got his screen time gradually lessened, he was only needed on set a couple of days per week. He realized his days on Alias were numbered, and the show wouldn’t be his ticket to stardom and had almost quit Hollywood. In 2018, he got his act together as he made headlines all over again for directing and starring opposite Lady Gaga in their remake of the classic film “A Star is Born”.

9. Amy Adams


Amy Adams had been dropped from the TV show “Dr.Vegas” and was about to turn 30 when she went to film “Junebug”, she had planned on quitting acting and even after shooting it, she was trying to figure out what to do next. However, she soon booked “Enchanted” and she garnered an Oscar nomination for “Junebug”, turning her into a star.

10. Millie Bobby Brown

11 4

The now up-and-coming talented actress also shared the thought of leaving the film industry like others on this list. She had felt disheartened when she had told that her audition would not work with the Game Of Thrones series. This had led her to almost give up acting altogether. However, Millie Bobby Brown is not one to give in to negative thinking and struggled for another two months before landing her role as Eleven in Stranger Things.

11. Robert Pattinson


Robert believed his audition for the role of Edward in Twilight was an absolute piece of garbage. He apparently called his parents afterward and said he was done torturing himself, Even to the media he admitted that his audition couldn’t have gone worse. However, he got called back in and eventually got the role.

12. Chris Hemsworth


As a struggling actor looking for a break, Chris Hemsworth had faced a lot of rejections and had finally decided to head back to Australia, but in 2009 he finally got cast in “The Cabin in the Woods”, and in 2011 he got his big break and got cast as ‘Thor’ in the MCU and gained instant stardom worldwide.

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Written by Neal Johnson

An avid movie fan and pop culture enthusiast.