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Celebs That Time Forgot

How many times do we all think ‘Oh I know this actor from somewhere’ while watching a show or a movie but cannot exactly remember from where? It’s more common than you think. This entertainment business isn’t for everyone, especially in the digital era where nothing is private anymore. The industry is not just cutthroat but the hype for every new thing dies down as soon as it begins and people forget about those shows and movies only to get obsessed with new ones. This is a tale as old as time (or well, the entertainment industry) and it’s a cycle that these celebrities got stuck in even after landing some major roles.

We all know of some of the big names that used to be in big films and some of the famous musicians whose songs we used to hear all the time in the past. The passing of time has also taken its toll on many celebrities. Here are a few of them.

Shane West

Celebs That Were Forgotten With Time | FandomWire
Shane West and Mandy Moore in ‘A Walk To Remember’

No less than a heartthrob for the early 2000s generation, Shane West stole many hearts but now hasn’t been seen on screen for long. A Walk To Remember starred him as Landon Carter, Mandy Moore‘s brooding love interest, which was one of his major roles. Afterward, he appeared with Sean Connery in Stephen Norrington’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Since then, however, his popularity has declined and his best-known roles have been on television. He played Dr. Ray Barnett in ER from 2004 to 2009, Nikita from 2010 to 2013, and Salem from 2014 to 2017, and he seems to be getting roles in projects that are certainly obscure. 

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Rita Ora

Celebs That People Forgot With Time | FandomWire
Source: The Independent

A lot of people know her name and music but she has struggled to remain relevant in the era of new pop artists popping up in the industry so frequently, especially when one song going viral can relegate them with popularity. But the hype dies down as soon as the new thing comes up.

When she broke out with “How We Do (Party)” in 2012, Rita Ora failed to break away from the opening act role. So far, she hasn’t released many full-length albums but made a notable appearance in the Fifty Shades film series. In the past decade, she has been one of the more forgettable vocalists.

Lacey Chabert

Once Famous Celebs That Were Forgotten With Time | FandomWire
Lacey Chabert in Mean Girls

Most popular for her roles in Mean Girls and Not Another Teen Movie, Lacey Chabert wasn’t able to leave a more recognizable mark in the industry. She tried to relaunch herself on TV a few times but unfortunately, those shows didn’t pick up. After she was unable to repeat her success with Mean Girls, the actress began starring in Hallmark movies and has appeared in a lot of them. 


Jessie McCartney

Once Famous Celebs That We Forgot With Time | FandomWire
Jessie McCartney as Reed in ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

This still fairly young actor and singer, Jessie McCartney started out with big hits like “Beautiful Soul” and “Because You Live” in the music industry but as soon as he grew up and started singing more mature songs, he became irrelevant to the young generation. Even though he appeared in multiple TV shows, he couldn’t land a leading role. One of his most notable roles is as Reed in Fear The Walking Dead and he has voiced several animated characters.

Brandon Routh

Famous Celebs That Were Forgotten With Time | FandomWire
Source: Vanity Fair

One of the many stars who took the Superman role, Brandon Routh wasn’t able to make a huge impression like many. He was unable to follow up his role in Bryan Singer’s 2006 film Superman Returns with a role of similar value.

Even though he earned an IGN Award for his role as Daniel in Chuck, his career didn’t really take off. Thanks to The CW, he returned as The Atom in the Arrowverse so that’s at least some positive news for the actor.

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