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Celebs We All Thought Had Left The Mortal Plane But Are Actually Alive & Kicking

Some actors have suffered Twitter deaths multiple times while some have suffered media death. Combined with the fact that sometimes they’ve been inactive in their work, these hoaxes seem true. Sometimes, the media accidentally reports the deaths of celebrities and public figures too soon in their race to be first on the page. And sometimes, the media or the public are often duped by ill-advised jokes, conspiracy theories, or hoaxes, some of which went viral until the rumors had to be dispelled. These celebs were actually dead in the public eye until the media realized its fault.


Sir Paul McCartney

Celebs We All Thought Had Died But Are Actually Alive & Kicking | FandomWire
Source: British GQ

It wouldn’t be a surprise if a lot of people still thought The Beatles‘ legend has left the mortal plane. Apart from the 1960’ conspiracy theory ‘Paul is Dead’, which revolved around him and his apparent death, the singer’s age plays the part in it too. People believed that an imposter replaced the singer and the album cover for Abbey Road fueled the public’s imagination. Sir Paul McCartney has since denied the rumor of his death multiple times.

George Clooney

Celebs We All Thought Had Died But Are Actually Alive | FandomWire
Ocean’s 11 actor, George Clooney

Well, if you believe George Clooney really died in a private plane accident, Amal Clooney will help you correct this rumor. Neither he nose-dived into a private plane nor plunged from a New Zealand cliff to his death. Nevertheless, there were no stopping viral stories about George Clooney dying, even after these were confirmed to be false. In response to questions about his death, the actor referred people to Mark Twain.

Bob Dylan

Celebs We Thought Had Died But Are Actually Alive And Well | FandomWire
Source: NME

There are people who still believe that Bob Dylan might’ve left us after all and it’s only after a quick Google search that their concerns are put to rest. But this is a cycle that gets repeated multiple times, particularly because of the many Bob Dylan death rumors we’ve seen in the past few years, like that Nov. 21, 2020 report on MSNBC that said he had died in 2019. “Sorry about that,” a network news anchor then said.

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Matt Damon

Celebs We All Thought Left The Mortal Plane But Are Actually Alive | FandomWire
Source: Metro News

The confusion regarding Matt Damon‘s death can be owed to his vast experience in the film industry. It can be somewhat surprising for people to realize that a person who has starred in movies that are decades old may still be alive and kicking. When a 2009 story appeared with what sounded like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lyrics, the actor was shocked that people actually believed the news of his death. The actor’s family took the news in stride and his wife’s reaction was, “Well, that’s weird”.

Morgan Freeman 

Celebs Rumored To Be Dead But Are Actually Alive & Kicking | FandomWire
The Shawshank Redemption actor, Morgan Freeman

The authoritative voice behind many Hollywood projects, Morgan Freeman has suffered the fate of the Mandela effect quite a few times. Maybe once again, we can owe it to his age (born in 1937) and vast experience, which makes it easier for the public to believe the possibility of his death. He was also pranked with a Facebook page ‘RIP Morgan Freeman’ and responded with, “I keep reading that I have died. I hope those stories are not true …”

Jackie Chan

Celebs Rumored To Be Dead But Are Actually Alive | FandomWire
Actor and Martial Arts Legend, Jackie Chan

It seems that there is a common confusion amongst the public regarding Jackie Chan‘s life in general. A lot of people find it hard to believe that a person who has been in the industry since the 1960s is not only alive but also kicking.


A number of reports have been made about Chan’s death, including two in 2013. When #RIPJackieChan started trending again, the star assured fans he hadn’t had a heart attack, been in a car crash, or fallen from a 12-story building. Chan said, “Everybody called me to see if I was alive.”


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