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Celebs Who Could Rock It As Green Goblin Now That Willem Dafoe Has Left The Role

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, a lot of famous actors of the previous Spider-Man movies reprised their roles. The fans got to see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the spidey suit again. Not just the heroes but some of the most loved Spider-Man villains came back too. Like Doc Oc, Green Goblin, Electro, and Doctor Connors as Lizard. Willem Dafoe had played the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy.

The actor reprised his role again in the new movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home. His performance as the man who is under the control of an evil mask is almost classic. Switching moods from nice to evil, it is almost as if no actor can take his place. But now Willem Dafoe has left the role. And MCU so far has not announced recasting the role, but if they ever do. Here are a few actors they can consider.

Javier Bardem could be a great Green Goblin

Javier Bardem could be a great Green Goblin
Javier Bardem

Known for his roles in blockbusters and foreign films, Javier Bardem is a highly acknowledged actor. He has won a number of awards for his acting in various movies. But one of his most memorable performances has to be of the psychopathic assassin Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. Released in 2007, it is a modern western drama that got the actor an Academy Award as the Best Supporting Actor. And based on his methodical performance as Anton Chigurh, who became a character scarier than villains of a horror movie. His performance struck the audience and critics alike. And fear is one of the major aspects of Green Goblin and Javier Bardem can make it happen.

Giancarlo Esposito would rock as Green Goblin

Giancarlo Esposito would rock as Green Goblin
Giancarlo Esposito

Best known for his role as Gus Fring in Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul, Giancarlo Esposito is known for playing villains. He even won the  Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role. His acting skills while portraying an evil character like the infamous Green Goblin cannot be doubted based on his past performances. Recently he has worked on a Disney+ project, The Mandalorian as Moff Gideon. Even this role got him an Emmy nomination. And the fans would not mind if he appeared in another Disney+ series dressed as one of our favorite Spider-man villains. Giancarlo Esposito would rock the role of Green Goblin.

Gary Oldman has the right personality

Gary Oldman would be a great Green Goblin
Gary Oldman

Known for his intense and versatile acting, Gary Oldman has won various awards as an actor, including an Academy Award. He even became one of the highest-grossing actors to date. Oldman has portrayed villains in a number of films like True Romance and The Fifth Element. Later, he appeared as Sirius Black in Harry Potter and also played James Gordon in The Dark Knight Trilogy. His different roles show that Gary Oldman is a versatile actor and would do a great job playing Green Goblin and Norman Osborn. With his skills, he would have no issue switching between the two characters, who are so different in nature. And would be a safe choice to play the interesting villainous character from Spider-Man.

Daniel Dae Kim would do a great job

Daniel Dae Kim would do a great job as Green Goblin
Daniel Dae Kim

Best known for the roles he played in Lost and Hawaii Five-0, Daniel Dae Kim is an actor and a voice artist. He portrayed Ben Daimio in the recent Hellboy movie and voiced the character Chief Banja in Raya and The Last Dragon. He is a charismatic actor and has the skill to captivate the audience with his performance. Dae Kim is an actor who can convey deep emotions without speaking much. He takes up his part seriously and immerses himself in the character. He has a strong presence and tends to appear to be the protagonist of every scene he is a part of. And if MCU ever looks for an actor who could replace Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin, they should consider him. As he would do a great job playing the evil Spider-Man villain.

Ewan McGregor is a charismatic villain

Ewan McGregor is a charismatic villain as Green Goblin
Ewan McGregor

Achieving international fame for his role as the addict Mark Renton in Trainspotting, Ewan McGregor is known for his versatile acting. He is also widely known for playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel trilogy of Star Wars. And will be reprising the role in the upcoming series on the Star War character. His recent role as Roman Sionis or Black Mask in Birds of Prey is an outstanding one as a villain. And throughout his career, he has been playing roles with a multitude of moralities. The fact that he is already about to be seen on Disney+ with the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, he can take part in more of their projects. The actor is skillful and versatile and would definitely make a charismatic villain for MCU. That is if he is ever cast as Green Goblin.

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Written by Gargi Mishra

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