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Celebs Who Quit Smoking

Celebs Who Quit Smoking

Smoking is still a widespread habit in the United States today and especially in Hollywood. There are maximum chances that even if you don’t smoke yourself, you might know someone who does. Smoking is addictive, and it causes heart disease and even cancer! But fortunately, we have a lot of celebrities who took a stand and decided to quit smoking. Below is a list of Celebs who quit smoking and now are living a healthy life!


1. Jennifer Aniston

The very popular star of Friends’ TV show was a chain-smoker for years. In an interview in 2012, Jennifer later revealed that she recently quit smoking, and yoga played a huge role in that. Regular yoga helped her break the addiction to cigarettes, and she now leads a healthy life.

Jennifer Aniston Its time for a new man
Jennifer Aniston

2. Barack Obama

Starting smoking as a teenager, Obama wasn’t able to quit smoking until mich later. When his presidential campaign began in 2008, he fought with his addiction, and in 2011 he was successfully free from it. And you know what the prime factor that helped the former president stay off cigarettes was!? It was his wife! He used to joke and say, “I’m scared of my wife”. Later, he also revealed that he used nicotine gum to help quell the occasional craving.

overview Barack Obama
Barack Obama

3. Jon Stewart

Would you believe that the former host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart started smoking when he was just 15! He mentioned that he used to smoke to feel light and better, but later he couldn’t stop smoking. He used to smoke to reduce his stress and pressure of life. But fortunately, Jon realized that this short-term pleasure could lead to a very disastrous end!

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John Stewart

4. Gisele Bundchen

In a conversation with People magazine in September 2018, the very talented Brazilian supermodel Gisele admitted that she first began to smoke in her early modeling days. She used to smoke a whole pack of cigarettes in a day. Not just this, she even used to drink an entire bottle of wine and used to rely on multiple cups of coffee to keep herself awake. But in 2003, she decided to quit all the bad habits and opted for yoga and meditation.

Gisele Bundchen 73 questions
Gisele Bundchen

5. Christy Turlington

Teenage is the prime age at which most people start smoking or drinking. Christy’s addiction to smoking also goes back to her adolescent years. But at that time, she didn’t realize that this one-time thing had become an addiction. When she turned 18, Christy realized that this habit was negatively impacting her health. Though it took several attempts before she could totally quit smoking. After all these years of addiction, now she feels free and even describes her achievement as “the biggest accomplishment of her life”.

christy turlington t
Christy Turlington

6. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Last in the list of Celebs who quit smoking comes the very famous Catherine Zeta-Jones. The actress even smoked regularly while she was pregnant, and it was even photographed in some news channels in 2003. Smoking cigarettes is dangerous, obviously, but smoking while you are pregnant and carrying a life inside you can be hazardous for the child too. But in 2005, Catherine tried her best and came out of the addiction successfully.

GettyImages 1200619783 H 2020 1609957000
Catherine Zeta-Jones

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