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10 Celebs With Regular Jobs Outside Hollywood

Even celebrities with a net worth of $70 Million enjoy serving coffees or growing fruits. They have more than enough money to lead the rest of their lives without Hollywood, let alone doing regular jobs. But pursuing dreams outside acting and singing was essential for them to relish the simplicity of ordinary life. In spite of their fame, these stars have managed to keep it private. They are setting new benchmarks by pushing through their abilities and by tapping on their multi-talents. Find out the 10 celebs with regular jobs outside Hollywood.

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik wasn’t just acting on the screen, she is super smart even in real life. The actress played Amy Farrah Fowler in “Big Bang Theory” where her character was a neurobiologist. Fans must be thrilled to know that Mayim is a multitalented person who has been pursuing both acting and science since a young age. Interestingly, she holds a Ph. D. in neuroscience from UCLA.

Brian May

Talking about Big Bang Theory, if Raj had a role model, it should have been Brian May from Queen more than Beyonce. Imagine how Rajesh would feel about a world-renowned guitarist holding a Ph.D. in astrophysics. Indeed there are astrophysicists who are smart and can also play guitar in a popular rock band.

Hugh Jackman

There is a reason why the world is in love with the benevolent Hugh Jackman. And it is not just his physique or tough looks like Wolverine. Hugh came to a profound realization after spending days around the coffee farmers in Ethiopia. He wanted “to provide a marketplace for farmers in developing countries to sell their goods to consumers in the U.S.” So, he launched Laughing Man coffee brand and coffee shop. If you regularly follow Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, then you already know about it.

Paul Rudd

Honestly saying, we are more intrigued to find out Paul Rudd’s beauty secret than anything else. But until then, let us dive into some other secrets of the Ant-Man star. The ever-charming and forever young actor also runs a sweet shop in Rhineback. He and Jeffrey Dean Morgan purchased Samuel’s Sweet Shop after its owner passed away.

Jamie Foxx

No wonder why Jamie Foxx is so fit. His farm houses one of the healthiest fruits that every celeb relies on. Foxx prefers being lost in the music of nature and the shade of trees rather than flashing cameras and paparazzi. He has over 800 avocado trees on his farm that produce over 160,000 avocadoes in a year. Imagine how much business it brings to the actor with a net worth of $150 Million. His best pass time is to ride on his horse named Cheetah who also starred in “Django Unchained”.

Jeremy Renner

When Jeremy Renner isn’t shooting bows and arrows in front of a green screen, he is flipping houses. The MCU star known as Hawkeye enjoys craftsmanship the most. He has purchased many houses in the past and remodelled them to later sell in the market.

Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman from “Parks and Recreation” is not a man to sit around and do nothing. He spends most of his time either working or indulging in artisanship with woodwork. During his leisure time, the actor is cutting and designing wooden objects with his hands.

Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson came to prominence after playing supporting roles in classic hits such as “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Runaway Bride”. She is married to Tom Hanks and has produced several projects under her watch. The actress was also offered an honourable post of the editor for a new website of Huffington Post called Huff/Post 40.

Bruce Dickinson

Nothing sets the room temperature on fire like a pilot’s uniform. And the stunning rockstar from Iron Maiden does not only own a uniform but can literally fly a plane. He holds a license to fly commercial aircraft and also has experience with Astraeus Airlines, UK charter.

Dexter Holland

The passion to learn something new has no connection with how much money you make. As a successful vocalist and guitarist of The Offspring, Dexter Holland didn’t have to burn the midnight oil to complete his education. In fact, he probably didn’t even have enough midnights with all the tours and events. Yet the singer took a break from music to pursue a doctorate from the University of Southern California by writing a research paper on HIV and immune deficiency viruses.