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CEO Bob Iger Slyly Admits MCU Phase 4’s Sub-Par Content a Result of Disney Becoming Too ‘Intoxicated’ by Initial Subscriber Growth: “We have to have the right content”

CEO Bob Iger Slyly Admits MCU Phase 4's Sub-Par Content a Result of Disney Becoming Too 'Intoxicated' by Initial Subscriber Growth: "We have to have the right content"

With the Disneyfication of several of the shows, Marvel wasn’t at its best in Phase 4 of the MCU. CEO Bob Iger, although coyly, did admit that it was the result of Disney’s meddling in several of the Marvel shows to make it available for a wider range of audience.

Talking about how the people over at Disney were lost by looking at the subscriber growth during the initial days of Disney+, Bob Iger admitted the company’s mistake. Stating that things will be better in the future, the CEO reiterated that they will have “the right content” in the future.

Disney's CEO Bob Iger.
Disney’s CEO Bob Iger.

Bob Iger Admits To Disneyfication of Marvel Series

With a game of rising numbers and the content that the people watch, Bob Iger and the people at Disney were lost. With Disney+ having launched in 2019, people were excited to see what the streaming platform had to offer and it did deliver.

Due to the sudden jump in subscribers during the initial days of Disney+, the CEO admitted that they were looking out for how to pump those numbers more. With the content that they provided, Disney+ became one of the most popular OTT platforms out there partly due to the inclusion of Marvel movies and series.

Bob Iger and Kevin Feige
Bob Iger and Kevin Feige.

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In his interview with David Faber on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, Bob Iger talked about the declining number of subscribers during the last quarter of 2022. With reports that the company was losing money rather than in profit (which was true), the CEO had plans in motion to counter it.

“Now as we’ve looked to basically becoming profitable and figure out how do we do that, it’s clear to us that we do have to continue to grow subs. But, it’s not just about that. We have to have the right pricing, the right promotion, we have to have the right marketing, we have to have the right content,”

The American businessman slyly admitted that Marvel was not at its best in Phase 4 of the MCU. With rumors of Disney interfering with Marvel, it was about time that they were given a free hand (like they did with Deadpool 3). It was the ex-CEO of Disney Bob Chapek that also faced these problems but he ended up with a solution that almost seemed illegal.

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Disney’s Ex-CEO Shifted Budgets To Hide Financial Problems

The ex-CEO of Disney Bob Chapek.
The ex-CEO of Disney Bob Chapek.

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The ex-CEO of Disney Bob Chapek took on the role for a meager three years. During his rule, Disney had already invested $30 billion in content creation. The profit wasn’t much as Disney+ was competing with some mega-giants such as Netflix and HBO Max. After his stepping down, there were reports that Chapek used to shit budgets for Disney+ original series to make the loss seem a little less!

According to The Wall Street Journal, Bob Chapek used to market/promote the series on various channels like the Disney Channel so the cost wouldn’t add to the budget. After his stepping down, Bob Iger who was previously the CEO of Disney once again took on the mantle and seems to be working towards a better future for the streaming service.

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