‘Chances of Ezra staying are close to zero’: Industry Insider Claims Ezra Miller’s Flash Won’t Make it to James Gunn’s New DCU

Industry Insider Claims Ezra Miller's Flash Won't Make it to James Gunn's New DCU
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When it was finally time for Ezra Miller to shine in their first-ever solo flick in the DCU after 2017’s Justice League, they were dragged knees-deep into the pit of controversy. After numerous allegations from authorities, co-workers, and acquaintances saying that they were fed up with their shenanigans, plus some eyewitness reports seeing them do and say some “unholy” stuff about a lot of things, the future of their career is slowly getting kind of hazy.

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All of this was before the reigns of the DCU were handed to new CEOs. James Gunn and Peter Safran, the new minds behind the upcoming renovation of the entire franchise, are all set to whip the entire WB Discovery anew from the ground up. This means canceling entire plotlines and films from the timetable that were previously planned and even executed. This spells doom for a lot of high-profile projects and individuals, and Miller seems to be the top candidate for the James Gunn treatment.

Ezra Miller’s Flash May Get Canceled!

Ezra Miller as Flash

With the quicksand of controversies that Ezra Miller finds themself in, it’s hard to imagine that their upcoming film The Flash wasn’t already chopped off from the block. Even though many sources were able to witness the film beforehand and praised the film with DCU’s best reviews ever, it was tough to believe that the cancel culture couldn’t catch up to the film. But with the recent development on the management side, seems like the days of the film are numbered.


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With the latest news and an official statement from Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill himself, James Gunn has finally pulled the trigger and axed the sequel to the Superman sequel film from the new era of the DCU, and has shown Cavill towards the exit. With such a tremendous upset to most of the DCU fandom, people are now more convinced than ever that with all that Ezra Miller has been accused of, Gunn won’t let The Flash continue.


Oddly enough, people are in support of this, as many have taken to Twitter to voice how canceling the film would be in DC films’ best interest.



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Where Is The DCU Heading?

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Justice League

As it stands, James Gunn and Peter Safran are on their way to dismantling the whole foundation and building a new one instead, which is why they have taken such bold steps to regulate the films and projects for streamlining. With Superman now gone from the DCU for the moment, and with no certainty of who stays and who doesn’t, it’s all a matter of time to see what becomes of the future of the DCU under new management.

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The Flash, in cinemas on 16th June 2023

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