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Chaos Walking:- 13 Differences Between The Books & The Movie

2 Chaos Walking 13 Differences Between The Books The Movie

Three agonizingly long years later, Chaos Walking, has finally been released. The movie stars Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland in lead roles, and Dough Liman has directed it. It is an adaptation of the trilogy, by the same name, written by Patrick Ness. The fans of the book series, have been eagerly waiting for this movie, for some years now.

The book and the movie, tells us the story of Todd, a young boy, who lives in a world without women. In this world, the thoughts of men are on display, ALWAYS! When Viola, a girl, crash lands on this planet, a lot of secrets of Todd’s world are released.

The movie was scheduled to be released in 2019, but due to the actors’ prior commitments, it was delayed till 2021.

Book fanatics have spotted a few differences between the trilogy and the movie. Do you wanna know about them? Then keep reading:- (Beware, spoiler alert!)

1. Todd’s and Viola’s age

First CHAOS WALKING Set Photo Reveals Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley In Character | The Fandom

In the books, Todd and Viola are merely 13 years old, but in the movie, they are shown to be much older. Some believe, that this change in their age is better, as it makes their struggles and instincts, more realistic. It is also said that that the stamina and the decision making skills, that the characters show, are better suited to an older person.

2. Only Humans have Noise in the film 

Chaos Walking trailer with Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley breaks through the Noise |

In the trilogy, all animals too, have a distinct Noise. Manchee’s death in The Knife of Never Letting Go (First book in the Chaos Walking trilogy) becomes all the more devastating for us, as we got to know him as a character. But in the movie, only men and the native species, the Spackle, are given the Noise.

3. Todd’s Flight from Home

Chaos Walking - Plugged In

In the books, Todd leaves home before everyone knows about Viola. But in the movies, everyone knows about Viola, early in the movie. When the mayor expresses his intentions about wanting information about Viola’s people, she realizes his bad intentions and escapes with Todd. People feel that this change is for the best, as it gives the protagonists a strong reason to run away.

4. Davy’s presence in the movie

Nick Jonas Unveils Poster Of 'Chaos Walking', Writes Listen To 'noise Of The New World'

Davy has been portrayed in the books as quite a crucial character. His character development and friendship with Todd has been described beautifully. Nick Jonas did a tremendous job at bringing to life the quest Davy had, for the Mayor’s affections. But the movie only touches the tips of the depth of this character.

5. Todd is worried about transmitting the Noise to Viola

Daisy Ridley crash lands on a planet full of men (much to the shock of Tom Holland) in Chaos Walking – Aktuelle Boulevard Nachrichten und Fotogalerien zu Stars, Sternchen,…

In the first part of the Chaos Walking trilogy, Todd worries about transmitting the Noise to Viola as he thinks that it’s fatal for women. He believes that only men live in Prentisstown because the Noise and the Spackle War wiped out the female population. While in reality, the men went crazy when they realized that they could not know what the women were thinking and killed them all in frustration. He fears that Viola too will die. Viola obviously hears this in his Noise.

Although in the film Todd blames the death of women, entirely on the Spackle. So Todd’s Noise is just annoying for Viola.

6. Book Todd is oblivious of the Spackles’ existence

Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland are hunted on distant planet in Chaos Walking trailer | Ars Technica

In the books, Todd doesn’t know, that the Spackles are still alive, until he is confronted by them. But in the movie, everyone knows that the are alive. In the movie, the Spackle is shown only for a few minutes, when its fighting Todd, but in the books they play a major role and wage a war against humans in Chaos Walking book 3.


7. Book Todd is not able kill because of his humanity

Chaos Walking review: A lackluster sci-fi outing for Disney franchise stars |

Todd’s humanity sets him apart from other men. In Prentisstown, two birthdays are significant for the boys. Their thirteenth birthday, when they are told the truth about how the women died, and their sixteenth birthday, when they become men, after killing someone.

8. Todd doesn’t kill in the movies but he does in the books

Review: Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley can barely save themselves, much less 'Chaos Walking' | Datebook

In The Knife of Never Letting Go, Todd and Viola are attacked by Davy. Todd is unable to kill Davy and he thinks this is because he (Todd) is a coward. Later on when they are attacked by Spackle, Todd kills it, driven by embarrassment over his cowardice and worried by the attack. He immediately regrets it.

9. Wilf is missing in the movies

Oscar Jaenada, condenado a 6 meses de prisión

The character of Wilf was set to be played by Oscar Jaenada. Unfortunately, the character didn’t make it to the final cut of the movie. In the trilogy, Wilf is a farmer, who helps Viola and Todd throughout. H also hides them in his wagon, so that they can sneak into places, without being noticed.

10. Viola is kidnapped by Aaron, in the books

Daisy Ridley landed on a planet full of people (which really impressed Tom Holland)

In The Knife of Never Letting go, Aaron fights Todd and Viola. He then kidnaps Viola and injures Todd in the process. Fortunately, Todd finds then a few days later and helps Viola escape.

11. Book Todd only hears a faction of his Mother’s Journal

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In the movie, while Todd and Viola are hiding in Farbranch, Todd asks her to read his mothers journal to him, as he cannot read. They finish the journal in one sitting and that’s how they get to know, that the women were actually killed.

While in the books, they are not able to read the journal in one go, as it becomes very overwhelming for Todd. Viola and Todd learn the actual truth about the women, from Todd’s father Ben.

12. Book Viola kills Aaron so that Todd doesn’t have to

Daisy Ridley as Viola Eade in Chaos Walking. Photo Credit: Murray Close – BeautifulBallad

In the first part of the trilogy, when Aaron provokes Todd, Viola kills him instead. In the third part of the trilogy, Viola is finally able to contact her ship, and apart from Todd at least six other characters help her achieve this.

13. In the movie, Todd and Viola plummet the Mayor to his Death

Mads Mikkelsen Cast As Mayor Prentiss In CHAOS WALKING | Birth.Movies.Death.

According to many of the viewers, this is the most striking difference between the books and the movie. In the book, Todd and Viola are almost at Haven, where its rumored, that there is a cure for the Noise. When Davy finds them there, he shoots Viola. Todd carries her into Haven and realizes that Mayor Prentiss has taken over as the Mayor of all of New World.

In the movie, Todd and Viola work together to plummet the mayor to his death.


These were some of the differences that we found. Could you find any more differences between the Chaos Walking books & the movie? Let us know in the comments.


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