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Character Lineup For ‘Eternals’ Revealed

Character Lineup For 'Eternals' Revealed

The Eternals are set to become the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the characters tied to a long list of heroes, both here on Earth and elsewhere in the cosmos. These characters provide a unique opportunity to tell many classic Marvel stories. The film will begin its production next week in London and will introduce fans to a wide range of characters, most of which fans will be unfamiliar with. A new report reveals which characters they would be and have listed all characters for the the Eternals.

Check out the list below:


The studio is looking for an actress in her early 30’s for the role. It’s open to any nationality or ethnicity, particularly Middle Eastern, Native American or African. Karen is a powerful leader.

Male Lead

An unnamed male described only as Greek God. Maybe Hercules?


Druig made his debut in 1977’s Eternals #11. Although he was created by Kirby, he gained notoriety after his appearance in Neil Gaiman’s Eternals revival in 2000’s. He can manipulate all forms of matter and energy and can even teleport and manipulate gravitation to fly and control the minds of others.

In modern times, he’s a KGB agent in Russia who enjoys torturing people.


For Piper, the studio is looking for a female 10-16 of any nationality in the role of Piper. The character is strong and is wise beyond her years and also, quick-witted.

Although it’s not clear, it seems like the studio could take a new stance on the Eternal known as Sprite.


Marvel is looking for a female aged between 20-40 for this role.

Elysius is a being created artificially possessing the attributes of the long-lived offshoot of humanity called Eternals. She has superhuman strength, stamina, durability and she possess a long lifespan and immunity to all terrestrial diseases. She also has griffin-like creatures to obey her commands. She serves as ISAAC’s lieutenant as she was created by ISAAC itself.

Forgotten One

Marvel is looking for a male, 25-45 to play the role. Forgotten one aka Gilgamesh was an outcast from his fellow Eternals when their ruler, Zuras confined him to a sector of Olympus.

He eventually came out of exile and assisted the Eternals in the battle against The Deviants. He was convinced by an Eternal called Sprite.


The studio is looking for a male actor, aged 20-40 to play the role. Ikaris is an Eternal born 20,000 years ago in Polaria.

He has total mental control over his physical form and bodily processes even at the time he’s asleep or unconscious. He even has low-level psychic abilities and can scan the superficial thoughts of any mind.


Marvel is again looking for a male, 25-35 to play Makkari.

Makkari was born in Olympia, one of the three Eternal cities on Earth. He’s the member of the Eternals Technologist’s Guilt and is skilled at building and designing high-speed vehicles.


Female, aged 20-40 is the requirement for this role. She’s the fourth generation member of the Eternals and has a desire to live amongst humans, unlike other Eternals.

She can even scatter and can only be killed if her atoms are scattered.


Marvel is currently looking for a male, 25-45 to play Eros aka Starfox of Titan. He’s the brother of Thanos and the youngest son of A’lars and Sui-San and he grew up on planet Titan to become a carefree, fun-loving womaniser and in contrast to his brother Thanos.

He can fly at subsonic speed and has an enormous capacity to hold his breath for a lot of time. This enables him to travel underwater.


The studio is looking for an actress aged 20-40 for the role of Thena.

Born in the city of Olympia, Thena was originally named Azura but her father Zuras changed her name to resemble Zeus’ daughter Athena to seal the treaty between each other.

She isn’t just a warrior but a brilliant scholar too. She has superhuman speed, strength and agility. She can manipulate cosmic energy and is an immortal. She can even project cosmic energy from her eyes in forms of heat and light.


Born in Titanos, Zuras is the son of Kronos and Daina. He was a warrior who vied his brother A’lars for the leadership of Titanos after Kronos’ deaths. He became the leader by creating the first ritual of Uni-Mind. Like other Eternals, he has super strength, stamina and durability and he can manipulate cosmic energy to augment his life force.

This gives him regenerative abilities. He uses cosmic energy to create force shields around himself and can even transform an object’s shape. He possesses extensive knowledge of arcane and ancient wisdom.

Written by Neal Johnson

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