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Charlie Cox Backtracks on Earlier Statement, Claims Daredevil is “Definitely Not in Deadpool 3”

Charlie Cox Backtracks on Earlier Statement, Claims Daredevil is "Definitely Not in Deadpool 3"

Charlie Cox has some upsetting news for Daredevil and Deadpool fans.

Not too long ago, the Daredevil star had teased Marvel fans with the prospect of his superhero character possibly sharing the screen with Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3. But it looks like that won’t be happening any time soon, as the English actor retracted his previous statement about the same, thereby clarifying the matter.

Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox

For the longest time, there has been an array of rumors and speculation surrounding the cast of the third installment in the Deadpool franchise. Now that the franchise is going to be consolidating under Marvel and exploring the MCU, fans are expecting multiple superheroes to appear in the film as a surprise. Sadly enough, it looks like Daredevil won’t be one of them.

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Charlie Cox Says Daredevil Won’t be Appearing in Deadpool 3

A few weeks ago, when Charlie Cox graced his presence at the German Comic Con, he incited a spark of excitement amongst the audience by claiming that there was a possibility for Daredevil to “show up” in Deadpool 3. He even seemed to sanction the idea as he remarked that it would be a rather “cool” thing if it did happen. However, Cox comes bearing sad news for fans.

While talking to TechRadar, the She-Hulk actor recalled his earlier statement about Matt Murdock’s potential feature/cameo in Shawn Levy’s Deadpool 3 and stated that it is “definitely not” happening.

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Charlie Cox's Daredevil
Charlie Cox’s Daredevil

“Oh god, what did I say again? Oh yeah, I said that in Germany, didn’t I? I can tell you now, I’m definitely not in Deadpool 3.” 

Although Daredevil and Deadpool join forces during various instances in the comics, Cox has made it clear that the audience won’t be seeing the duo on screen. At least not as of right now. And the main reason behind The Defenders star clearing things up on this front is that he would hate to lead fans on for something that may or may not take place. Moreover, Cox just doesn’t want to “disappoint” the audience.

Is There Any Chance for Daredevil to Join the Cast of Deadpool 3

If we are to rely on Cox’s word, which does seem to be reliable enough, then it’s highly unlikely for Matt Murdock to pop up in the Ryan Reynolds-led film. Then again, that doesn’t mean that the prospect will be sealed forever because there are plenty more opportunities for Daredevil and Deadpool to make it together in a live-action adaptation in the future. It’s just not in the works as of now.

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Matt Murdock won't be appearing in Deadpool 3 after all
Matt Murdock won’t be appearing in Deadpool 3 after all

It is also worth noting that Deadpool 3 is also said to be planning on visiting various other superhero characters that fall under the umbrella of the Fox franchise. With Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine already a part of the star cast, fans are strongly hoping to see multiple other such characters. Besides, Jackman recently confirmed that they’re going to be using time travel to revive Logan in the movie. So, who knows, maybe they might even decide to bring Daredevil for a ride. One year is a long, long time and there are going to be tons of things that could change by then. All we can do is hope for the best.

Deadpool 3 will hit cinemas on November 8, 2024.

Source: TechRadar

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