“Charlie didn’t look so good, he started talking to himself”: Charlie Sheen’s Miserable Condition Concerned His Co-star Jon Cryer During ‘Two and a Half Men’

"Charlie didn't look so good, he started talking to himself": Charlie Sheen's Miserable Condition Concerned His Co-star Jon Cryer During 'Two and a Half Men'
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Charlie Sheen had been a big part of Two and a Half Men. His work on the show was always well-regarded and for many fans, he was their favorite cast member and character. This ultimately came to an end when the actor left the series after eight seasons. Although the series went on without him for another five seasons with Ashton Kutcher basically replacing him, there was a lot that was going on behind the scenes.

Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer's Ups and Downs Through the Years
Jon Cryer with Charlie Sheen

According to Jon Cryer, there was a big difference between the actor who started the series with him and the one who left after his contract ended. Many might have liked him and keep in touch with him even now, but for his co-star, the story had been completely different as he could notice even the minutest differences between his co-star and friend.

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Charlie Sheen Was Different When He Left Two And A Half Men

Jon Cryer remembered the last day Charlie Sheen had been on the set of Two and a Half Men. He was worried even during his final season let alone his final episode. Cryer’s concern was evident in every word as he explained what was going on. The way Sheen went from an actor who prided himself on his line delivery could not even stand without the support of the couch.

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Charlie Sheen

“Charlie didn’t look so good as we started our eighth season in fall 2010: gaunt, pale, sallow, even sweaty occasionally. He started talking to himself. Most of all he just looked thinner, in a not-good way.”

Sheen was always applauded for his line delivery and the timing of his jokes being spectacular. By the time his final season came, that aspect seemed to have evaporated completely, leaving room for so much blandness that after his final episode, he just left without a word to anyone.

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Charlie Sheen Left Right After His Last Shot

The way Charlie Sheen had been acting was unusual for everyone around him. His makeup crew was standing helpless while the actor misbehaved and his anger was only calmed by a lot of persuasions from Jon Cryer.

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Charlie Sheen

“Things didn’t start smoothly once the show began. We did a scene with the two of us sitting on a couch, and Charlie screwed up every line. He could not remember anything he was supposed to say. It was hard to comprehend what I was seeing because Charlie had always prided himself on getting it done on show night.”

The moment his work was done, he did not wait for anyone and did not even bother attending the final meeting. He just stepped in the car with everything he had on from earlier and left with his driver, yearning home. That was the last of what the fans would ever see of Sheen on Two and a Half Men as the actor did not return for the finale either.

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