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Charlie’s Angels Director Elizabeth Banks Says She Made What Fans Called ‘Feminist Manifesto’ Movie Because “Women aren’t directing ‘Mission: Impossible.’”

Elizabeth Banks Charlie's Angels

Elizabeth Bank’s 2019 movie Charlie’s Angels reboot was not a box office hit unfortunately and the director herself came forward to state some regrets she had with the movie, or rather, the marketing of it. The movie starring Banks along with Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska is a reboot of the 2000 and 2003 Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. 

Charlie's Angels (2019)
A Still From Charlie’s Angels (2019)

The movie revolves around the three ‘Angels’ who have been called upon to protect the world from the threat of someone who has gotten their hands onto highly dangerous technology.

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Elizabeth Banks Received A Lot Of Backlash For The Film

While Kristen Stewart received some praise for her acting in Charlie’s Angels, the movie itself did not. From negative reviews towards the story to the fight scenes being called unrealistic and the movie as is being referred to as ‘not fun’.

Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks and the cast of Charlie’s Angels 2019

Many states that instead of highlighting the women in the movie on their own, the men around them were shown to be the worse for wear. The misandry involved in the movie was something unappreciated by a lot of the audience.

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The Regrets Elizabeth Banks Has

In an interview with The New York Times, Elizabeth Banks came forward to tell her concerns and regrets with the movie and its marketing. Stating that the advertising of the movie was focused as a film for girls, however Banks replies that the movie was never made for a specific audience in mind.

“When women do things in Hollywood it becomes this story. There was a story around ‘Charlie’s Angels’ that I was creating some feminist manifesto. I was just making an action movie.”

The director states that the movie was never intended to be some motto for feminism, but simply an action movie. She also said about how she wished to make a Mission: Impossible movie but, unfortunately women don’t make Mission: Impossible. She then proceeded to explain how the only reason she even found an action movie was because it starred women as well.

Charlie's Angels 2019
Charlie’s Angels 2019, Directed by Elizabeth Banks

The reboot costed Sony and the co – financers involved in the making an amount of $48 million, however the underwhelming opening of the movie was able to bag only $8 million in return. Before the movie was available to watch, Banks had commented about how the stereotype of men not wanting to watch female led and made movies would be reinforced if the movie were to not do well.

Now although the movie did not do well, Elizabeth Banks still remains proud of the movie and the people she got to work with.

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Source: Variety

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