“Cheating on your soultmate is disgusting”: Joe Jonas Cheating On X-Men Star Sophie Turner With A 20-Year-Old Rumor Upsets Fans

"Cheating on your soultmate is disgusting": Joe Jonas Cheating On X-Men Star Sophie Turner With A 20-Year-Old Rumor Upsets Fans

Being a well-known celebrity, while it may seem all lights and flashing cameras, comes with its own sets of problems and hardships, and controversies are one of them. And the most recent victims of a controversy seem to be none other than the iconic couple of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, who are splitting from each other after four years of marriage.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

This recent report was supported by multiple claims from various sources that have almost confirmed that the separation of these two will be taking place soon enough, but that’s just half of the story. Allegedly, the divorce is taking place because Turner’s husband had cheated on her with a 20-year-old fan.

Joe Joans Allegedly Cheated On Sophie Turner With A Fan

Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas

Divorces are never an easy subject to talk about, but they are controversial almost every time, which is the reason why rumors start floating around them, and the news of the split between singer Joe Jonas and his wife and actress Sophie Turner are no exception to that phenomenon. After reports started flooding from many reputable sources, it seems like the split could take place any day now, but a rumor has started floating around, that outlines the reason for the divorce, and it has to do with Jonas’ alleged unfaithful act against his wife.

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After this news spread like wildfire across the internet, it also reached outlets on X, where discussions started to take place about what the reasons could be for this split. Among them, an anonymous tweet caught everyone’s attention, which stated that in the last year, the Sucker For You singer had allegedly cheated on the X-Men: Dark Phoenix star with a 20-year-old model who was a big fan of his.

When this rumor gained traction, fans of the couple as well as the singer and the actress alike seemed to be upset by it while other reports of people agreeing with the tweet also surfaced non-stop after that.


Whether these claims are true or false remains to be unseen, but the damage that these rumors have done to Jonas’ reputation is unrepairable.

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Details About Their Divorce

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

With these news reports from various sources coming just hours ago, it’s hard for anyone to say what the exact reason for the couple’s divorce is, but there are quite a few speculations in place. Apart from the aforementioned act of infidelity being the cause of the divorce, many sources also say that due to their differences in nature and way of living that don’t complement each other, they are finally taking the step to end their marriage.

Other sources also say that there were tensions between them for a long time, and these past six months have been the tipping point for the couple who also share two daughters.

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